Some people say that you can’t win in this game if you don’t put some coin into it. While I would agree it will take you some time to get and unlock a few weapons, when you do, your gameplay equals to those who spend a lot of money. Just be patient and play the game few times a day. How?


No, really. At the beginning, the difference can be spotted. You’ll see a guy who has a much better rifle and you seem to die when he looks at you. Now, this doesn’t have to be necessary. Flank him, use your grenades and all the kind of nasty stuff you can to defeat him. Don’t be discouraged if you lose those fights, time will come for you to stand against him and win in a 1 on 1 situation. At the beginning, I would recommend to every new player to check for the weapon type he likes the most and sticks to it. If you like rifles, play the rifles, Shotguns, you play them. Just don’t try to buy a few Primary weapons, you will be at a great disadvantage. Buy armors and you will need a set of pants and a headgear to go with it. About that contact our gun section, there are guides in each section type. There are general rules of what each part of the equipment goes with what weapon. Now, buy a weapon and stick with it until you get enough gunbucks to either buy the gunbucks weapon you want to use or the cheaper replacement and prepare to use it for a long time. How long? 3 to 4 months. That’s the time you will need collect enough gold to buy the best primary weapons in the game. And by that time, you should also get the level to buy them. If however, you like the lower level weapons, go for them, they are even cheaper than the highest tier.

Collecting Gold

Save every coin you get in the game, don’t spend it. Every day you’ll be able to do 1 quest to get the gold. If the gold is low, switch to another quest and do it. You can log in every day and do the quest in 5-15 mins. Save the gold and if you are not looking to buy the last tier gun, you can get a weapon in a month or two, and you’ll need some more time to max it. Still, a lot faster than buying a 34 level weapon.

Do not save your grenades or bandages, you won’t need them later in the game. Ok, you will, but rarely. They have much more impact at the beginning. I’ll recommend a few f2p weapons you can buy depending on the category.

Assault rifles: Guillotine , Mamba , Lifestealer

Machine guns: Anubis , Hydra , Jack Frost

Rifles: Undertaker , Falcon , Iceberg , Prometheus

Shotguns: Death Dealer, Onslaught , Traitor , Ranger