About Points

You must have noticed points at the end of each game. They impact your end score, it is actually a sum of your points during the game. I’ll explain a bit.

Assist – you will gain the least amount of points- 2. You get it by dealing some damage to the opponent while someone else kills him.

Critical Assist – if you deal the most damage to the target, but someone else actually kills him- 5 points.

Regular kill – you get 10 points even if you only fired one last shot at the enemy.

First Blood — first kill in the match -15 points.

Double Kill — two kills in 5 seconds -12 points.

Triple Kill — three kills in 5 seconds -15 points.

Quadrakill — four kills in 5 seconds -20 points.

Pentakill — five kills in 5 seconds -20 points.

Killing Spree — 4 kills without dying -20 points.

Unstoppable — 8 kills without dying -30 points.

Massacre — 12 kills without dying -40 points.

Legendary — 16 kills without dying -50 points.

Capturing Flags

In capture the flag maps you get 5 points for removing the flag (to neutral state) and 10 points for capturing it.