Shotgun users are a specific kind of people. They are ready to die if they just bring a lot of foes with them. And they are actually able to do things like that.


The main tactic with shotguns in Guns of Boom is basically the same as every other FPS game – flanking. Hmm. When you think about it, that’s the only tactic you can use actually. If you try to rush the enemies through an open field, you won’t survive for a second. So, from the moment you spawn you go down the alternate routes. Never in sight, always flanking. That way, you will often catch the opponents clumped up and shred them all if they are not paying attention to you. Needless to say, you have no range at all. The only way for you to survive is to come up close to the opponent and fill them up with lead. Sometimes you can even lure them to your position. Let’s say you walk through a door and see a foe with an Assault Rifle, 15 meters away looking towards you. What do you do? Rush forward and hope for the best? No, you pull back and let them come. Most people in the game charge right towards you when they see you, or at least run toward your last position. Use this to play some cat and mouse, and make yourself a cat. You pull back and wait for him to come and fight on your terms. That’s where you’ll win for sure. A little Art of War 😎 Play smart, every little bit helps. This is an action game, where your reflexes and aim are important, but so are the tactics. Also, if you see an enemy who’s not looking at you, don’t shoot at them until you get like 5 meters away, or they may turn around and return fire. So, don’t shoot as soon as you get in range, close in for a few more meters before you unleash hell, that way the enemy won’t be able to retaliate. One of the most important things to know about shotguns is: never shoot the head, shotguns don’t have any headshot bonuses. You always shoot the body, it’s easier to hit and the damage is the same.

Strengths and Weaknesses

How to play against a foe wielding an Assault Rifle? Take note of what I said above. you always stick to the walls and don’t reveal yourself much. If you do, let it be on your terms. You are not in the line of fire or even line of sight. Try to fight in tight hallways and doors, in close spaces. If you know a foe must come through some doors, wait and give them a hot surprise. Another tactic against anyone is: run around them, even at a few meters distance, strafing can save your life. Against Assault Rifles, you can go straight at them if you already have a distance advantage. That means if they are under 10 meters away go for it. If they don’t look at you, and the distance is bigger, go for it. If the odds are not in your favor, go back and find another way. The shotgun is a situational weapon in Guns of Boom, you need to make quick decisions all the time.

Against Machine Guns. Now, this is important, always use speed to your advantage against a machine gun. Running towards them is like running towards a firing squad. Nothing good can come out of it. What you do may sound silly, but it isn’t. Ignore them. Always hide and find another way to get close to them, most maps have at least two ways to move towards the goal, use the other one. They can’t catch up to you, so keep moving until you find a position to flank them, and then it’s coup de gras.

Going against a Sniper Rifle is a rare encounter. It will happen but not as much as you’d like. They will shoot at you much more than you will shoot at them, but if you manage to get close…there is no easier kill in the game. Literally. Take your candy and walk away. And the more there are the merrier. If the enemy team have 2 recons it’s really easy to dominate them most of the time, take the route they are not scouting and force it. You will get 2 kills most of the time for free. However, if the enemy team is forcing you to stay in the open you’ll be in trouble. I’ll say it once more: make them play your game, not the other way around. Don’t show yourself until you get in shooting range, that is the only right way to play with shotguns.


On the Head, you could use a few options. Some people use the Dark Stalker helm. I would say that this is not the best choice. Headshot with a shotgun is not an easy thing to accomplish and they don’t deal any bonus damage even if you hit by default so you should aim at the body. Fumigator or Hard Head are better options in my opinion.

As for the Pants, Panther is the one I’m using, but Jockey, Daredevil and Space Marine are all great for shotgun users. It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, do you want to be a tank, a speedster or slayer? You won’t make a mistake with any of these.

Let’s sort all of the Guns of Boom shotguns by stats:


  • Dolores – 2552
  • Reaper – 2540
  • Porcupine – 2520
  • Avalanche – 2518
  • Cerberus – 2440
  • Ranger – 2268
  • Remedy – 2212
  • Thunder – 2212
  • Berserker – 2148
  • Traitor – 2008
  • Onslaught – 1960
  • Storm – 1820
  • Trejo Ace – 1800
  • Battering Ram – 1708
  • Brawler – 1588
  • Death Dealer – 1028
  • Blunderbuss – 388


  • Storm – 60
  • Reaper – 58
  • Avalanche – 55
  • Porcupine – 50
  • Death Dealer – 50
  • Dolores – 50
  • Trejo Ace – 50
  • Battering Ram – 42
  • Cerberus – 40
  • Ranger – 40
  • Brawler – 40
  • Thunder – 40
  • Berserker – 35
  • Remedy – 30
  • Traitor – 25
  • Onslaught – 20
  • Blunderbuss – 20


  • Onslaught – 11
  • Dolores – 11
  • Blunderbuss- 10
  • Storm – 10
  • Berserker – 10
  • Thunder – 10
  • Traitor – 10
  • Remedy – 10
  • Cerberus – 10
  • Avalanche – 10
  • Porcupine – 10
  • Reaper – 10
  • Ranger – 9
  • Battering Ram – 9
  • Death Dealer – 9
  • Trejo Ace – 9
  • Brawler – 8


  • Cerberus – 12
  • Storm – 12
  • Avalanche – 10
  • Brawler – 10
  • Thunder – 10
  • Berserker – 10
  • Reaper – 10
  • Death Dealer – 9
  • Onslaught – 9
  • Traitor – 9
  • Trejo Ace – 9
  • Porcupine – 8
  • Remedy – 8
  • Ranger – 8
  • Blunderbuss – 8
  • Battering Ram – 6
  • Dolores – 6