Icebreaker Guns of Boom

If you are one of those (exquisitely rare) people who is driven more by the contribution to the team’s effort rather than ending a game with the highest score – this is a rifle for you. Although not as accurate as one would expect of a rifle of this kind, it will surely help your teammates in dealing with the enemy more efficiently.

Icebreaker has three Special Abilities: a x6 scope which will, along with its high range, ensure for you to stay at a relatively safe distance from the enemy; every bullet that hits, marks the target for 3 seconds where he/she will be visible to your team even through obstacles; and for the grand finale – marked target will receive more damage for the duration of the mark. In addition, Icebreaker’s reload time is quite short (about 2 seconds) and it goes well in combination with Cheetah pants which can decrease that time even more. All in all, it is a very useful support weapon.

Rank Power Accuracy Range Magazine
0 640 50 42 15
1 840 50 42 15
2 1280 50 42 15
3 1720 50 42 15
4 2080 50 42 15
5 2520 50 42 15