GoB’s newest addition – Last Breath Rifle


After Reaper shotgun finished its cycle in the Battle Cases, Game Insight surprised us with a brand new Last Breath Rifle. This one truly is a behemoth among guns, so it sounds and behaves accordingly. Although a bit difficult to handle, Last Breath can penetrate multiple targets at once with an incredible damage output, which is further increased after eliminating an enemy. Getting that elimination streak might have become slightly easier with this gun. Also, it will be interesting to see how this gun is going to work together with various types of Guns of Boom gear and equipment.

Last Breath fragments will be in Battle Cases for the next 10 days, so those who have saved up on Battle Coins now have a great chance to quickly add it to the arsenal. For those who are not familiar with the Battle Chest feature, besides fragments, there are also rare insignias, costumes, and skins in the Battle Chests, which will certainly be more represented than the fragments themselves – but there is a guaranteed amount of weapon fragments which is obtainable by anyone who opens a certain amount of chest.

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