Halo Infinite Live On E3

Halo Infinite Will Be at E3 2019

Last time we had a Halo game, it was 2015 and Halo 5: Guardians came out in October. Now, it’s time for a new sequel and it’s going to E3 2019 taking place from June 11 to June 14 in Los Angeles.

Halo Infinite was first announced at E3 last year which made a lot of fans happy considering it’s been quite a while since a Halo game. This year, game director Chris Lee will bring more details about the game although there is still no details on what he will talk about. However, studio head at 343 Industries Bonnie Ross, said at the D.I.C.E. convention that Lee will talk about SlipSpace engine a novelty for the franchise. Those who saw the trailer the game was announced with last year know that it is all about this new engine.

“[Halo Infinite] is coming from [a place of], ‘What does Halo mean to all of us?’ The trailer that we did [at E3], that’s what Halo means to the studio. Maybe it took us two games to get there,” Ross said. “We’ve done good things and bad things. But what does Halo mean to us? It’s about hope and wonder and heroism and humanity and community and bringing a community together. That’s what that trailer is, and that’s what we want to do [with Halo Infinite].”

Halo Infinite

Since it seems Microsoft will announce next-gen consoles at E3 2019, it is logical to assume that Halo Infinite might be the launch game for one of those. It’s been 18 years since the last time Halo was a launch game for a console, namely Halo: Combat Evolved for Xbox. However, Microsoft will certainly not release new consoles before 2020, so if that is the case it would give us a certain timeframe when to expect Halo Infinite.

Another new thing about Halo Infinite is that it will have more RPG than previous games of the franchise.  Ross referred to Halo Infinite as “spiritual reboot” of the franchise which might come with different releases for single-player and multiplayer. Ross also mentioned the ongoing hype for battle royale games but without any definitive answer to whether Halo Infinite will have one. However, she did address that Halo’s nature allows different modes, as well as that they have discussions about it at 343 all the time. So, maybe we will also see battle royale mode in Halo which would be really cool.  

Halo Infinite

“So I look at Infinite as we’re going to put the whole thing together,” Ross said. “Story is incredibly important and so is multiplayer. We have audiences that champion both sides–and then a lot of them that like both of them.”

Halo Infinite will be available for PC and Xbox One, but the release date and price, as well as many other important details about the game, are still unknown. However, E3 2019 is three months away and we will probably see some teasers before this big Microsoft event.