Happy 2nd Birthday BlueMoonGame

Happy Birthday BlueMoonGame

The Halls of Hogwarts were vast and full of life. Students were running everywhere, preparing for some final exams they need to take right before their Christmas break. I’ve just obtained my Comet 260 broom, courtesy of my friends, and my team managed to emerge victorious from our second House match. Only one victory separates me from winning the Quidditch Cup for my team and…

“Put that blasted phone down and finish writing the Walkthrough for Chapter 10!” I suddenly snapped as the Taskmaster’s voice pulled me out of the Wizarding World. “Our audience is waiting, and you still haven’t finished that Walkthrough! You will be punished appropriately this time…”

“But sir, I have to go back! I’ve got my Comet 260 broom and I’m trying to win the Full Marks event. It is soon ending, and I have to…”

“And you have to finish the Walkthrough for Chapter 10 unless you want to face the consequences yet again…” He interrupted me. “You worthless Miserable Scribe… Just look at Enfaire here. Look at the raw power of his Kree team in Marvel Strike Force! His Ronan has well over 60k power, and he can wipe out the entire teams of superheroes with a single swipe of his mighty hammer. And you… what do you have? A new broom??? Comet 260? Well, there are exactly 260 workdays per year, so I guess you could use it to clean the workplace.”

“But with this broom, I can win the Quidditch Cup, and then I can…”

“And then you can finish the Walkthrough!!! There are thousands of witches and wizards waiting for it, and you are doing what? Playing the Full Marks event? If I don’t see that Walkthrough Published by 4 pm, you will be FULL in trouble, MARK my words!” He replied while exiting the room.

Back to writing it seems… I guess I will have to settle with ‘Iamnotabot’ winning this Full Marks event. I will try better next time. After all, the Taskmaster does have a point about the Walkthrough. I guess I’ll just continue writing for now… 

“Happy Birthday!” I heard Hermes’ voice as he entered the room. He was carrying a large chocolate cake in his hands, and on top of it were two candles. 

“Wait, birthday? Did I miss something?” I asked as I turned around, trying to remember whose birthday we’re celebrating…

“It’s two years of BlueMoonGame, Scribe. I reminded you last time, while you were looking for that broom…” He said.

“Oh, yeah, I remember…” I smiled and nodded. Truthfully, I was completely into looking for that broom that I totally disregarded anything that was going around me. I mean, Comet 260, you don’t get that every day. 

“All right, gather around everyone, it’s time to blow the candles.” Hermes shouted.

“Puny mortals! Witness the might of the Kree empire!” Enfaire yelled from the other side of the room. I guess he really likes Ronan and his Kree team in Marvel Strike Force…

Soon enough, all of us gathered, each with a glass in hand, looking at the cake. Finally, we all made a wish and blew the candles, while cheerfully chuckling at each other.