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Bill Weasley

William Arthur “Bill” Weasley is the first child of Arthur and Molly Weasley, making him the eldest of the Weasley siblings. He was a fine wizard at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was even House Prefect and Head Boy.

The Weasley family was hated by the pure-blood wizard families in the community for their pro-muggle beliefs and poor economic status. They were especially despised by the Malfoys.

When Bill began his education at Hogwarts, it was said that he excelled in Defense Against the Dark Arts.

During Bill’s time at Hogwarts, one of the older students named Jacob attempted to open the Cursed Vaults and went missing. Bill was concerned, so when Jacob’s younger sibling (your character in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery) approached Bill and asked him for help, Bill agreed. He knew that the Cursed Ice was a threat to the entire school and he wanted to do something about it.

Having successfully graduated from Hogwarts, Bill went to work for Gringotts Wizarding Bank in Egypt. The position he occupied was Curse Breaker. He even went on to work for the Order of the Phoenix.

After the Death Eaters decided to attack the ministry of Magic, Bill was brave enough to stand up to them.

During some time between his two jobs, he met Fleur Delacour, and the attraction was almost instantaneous as well as mutual. After dating for a year, Bill asked Fleur to marry him and she happily agreed. At that time she spent a year living with Bill’s family to get to know them better. Her dull nature somewhat irritated Bill’s mother and sister and they thought he could do better than her.

Bill and Fleur’s wedding was to take place on 1 August 1997, but the reception was disrupted by a Death Eater attack. They managed to break through the protective spell and wreak havoc.

Hogwarts Mystery:

In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery we get to see Bill in his youth, during his student days. You first see him in your second year when you enlist his help to solve the mystery of the Cursed Vaults. Bill is not one to back down from a challenge, and since he wants to protect everyone at Hogwarts he is glad to help.

Year Two:

Chapter Six: You’ve already tried to enter one of the Cursed Vaults at Hogwarts, but it didn’t go well. You lacked knowledge, power and people. After that, you head of a promising young wizard at Hogwarts that might be able to help you.

You find Bill training outside and approach him. It turns out he already knows your name, since he is acquainted with your brother’s incident. You explain the situation to him and he agrees to help. He will even teach you Incendio, a fire spell to counter the Cursed Ice.

Bill also proposes you two have a practice duel so he can see what you’ve got.

Chapter Seven: After learning Incendio from Bill, you two venture into the Hidden Hallway and find the Cursed Vault entrance. However, your attempt to breach the door is unsuccessful and Bill ends up getting frozen, just like Ben. He soon recovers and is ready for another round though. You can’t keep a Weasley down that easily.

Chapter Ten: Your initial plan was to take all of your friends into the Hidden Hallway and make one final attempt at breaking through the Cursed Vault door. But the plan has changed and you and Bill can only take one more person with you. No matter who you decide to take, you will succeed in your mission and finally get to see what is inside one of those vaults.

Here’s a little tip: If you choose Ben, you can avoid being discovered by Professor McGonagall who will deduct 50 House Points from your house.