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Penny Haywood

Penny is one of the most skilled, and one of the prettiest characters you will meet in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. She will first approach you in chapter 6, where she will show her gratitude for your brave actions. Even there you will be shocked by her thankfulness because she is one of the most popular witches at Hogwarts.

Penny Haywood

Penny Haywood is a half-blood that was born and raised in London, United Kingdom. She likes nature and adventures because she used to spend a lot of time in the countryside with her parents. There she also had a Muggle friend with whom she spent most of her time. Her friend was killed when they were lurking on a werewolf. The beast noticed them and got to her friend, while Penny managed to escape. As time goes on you will see the importance of her friendship and her amazing skill with brewing potions that will come in handy in your future adventures.


Year one:

At the Sorting Ceremony, Penny was sorted into the Hufflepuff house, the kind and diligent.

Penny Haywood

Chapter 6: You will first see her in the halls of Hogwarts after your protagonist gets caught dueling with Merula Snyde. She will nicely introduce herself and tell you how grateful she is for your demonstration of bravery against Merula. She will express her gratitude by offering her help and knowledge with brewing potions, or if you need any information on rumors that go through Hogwarts.

Penny Haywood Character

Chapter 8: You will use her help to learn Sleeping Draught Potion. Her help with that potion will be of great value because it will play an important role in your investigation of the Cursed Vaults.

Penny Haywood Talk

Chapter 9: Penny will also aid you in your rebel adventures in search of the cursed vaults where she will be ready to help you any way she can. And what is the best way to help you than to Penny use her talent with brewing potions? Later in this same chapter, she will drink Strengthening Solution in order to open the frozen door and free Rowan, herself and your protagonist from the icy room.

Year Two:

The most popular witch in Hogwarts will be with you throughout Year Two as well. Since you became such good friends with Penny back in Year One, you will be the one she turns to when she is in need of help. Her ability to gather information will come in very handy as will her knowledge of potions. All in all, you are lucky to have someone like Penny on your side.

Penny Haywood in Room

Chapter One: After talking to Rowan and expressing how worried you are about Ben, you two decide the best option would be to check if Penny has any information. However, she hasn’t heard anything either and shares your concerns about Ben’s well-being. Once both of you are done asking around for additional information, you agree it would be wise to talk to Professor McGonogall about it.

Penny Haywood Corridor

Chapter Three: After receiving news that Ben was found, you find Penny and ask her to come along. The two of you reach the place where Ben is, but there are two teachers there: McGonogall and Snape. You decide it’s best to hang back and let the teachers deal with the situation.

Penny Haywood Talk with Dylan

Chapter Four: Penny overheard that Merula wants to duel you again. Apparently, she is not satisfied with the result of your last duel, which you won, and is out to get revenge. She’s even been practicing against her friends at Slytherin. Penny is very worried about this and offers you a practice duel of your own.

Penny Haywood

Chapter Five: Following your exploration of the Secret Stairway, Rowan got hurt and ended up in the hospital. When you go to visit him, you see Penny there as well. She is quite worried about Rowan and wants to know what happened. When you tell her, she is disappointed you didn’t invite her to go with you as well.

Penny Haywood Character

Chapter Six: In Chapter Six, you will have a side quest from Hagrid. In short, he needs you to gather various ingredients to make a Fire-Breathing Potion. When you meet Penny in the Courtyard, she seems to know about this and offers to give you one of the ingredients she just so happens to have in her pocket. How convenient. Considering you are the only one Hagrid talked to about his request, it is impressive how Penny even knows about it. Take the Fire Seeds from her and go meet Hagrid.

Penny Haywood - Knockback Jinx

Chapter Eight: By this point, you’ve made up your mind about returning to the Cursed Vault even after two failed attempts. In order to prepare for the encounter, you help all of you friends train, including Penny. You offer to teach her Incendio, but it turns out she already knows that spell. Penny is more interested in learning the Knockback Jinx to improve her arsenal.

Penny and Dylan

Chapter Nine: Your plan to invade the Cursed Vault has been changed slightly, and instead of all of your friends you can only take one. Penny is a great choice and her knowledge of potions will make a great addition to your team.

Penny Haywood Hapy

Chapter Ten: Together with Penny and Bill Weasley you finally managed to overcome the entrance to the Cursed Vault after two failed attempts. Penny’s Erumpnet Potion helped weaken the Ice Knight just enough so you could beat him. When you step inside, a familiar voice addresses you but it seems only you can hear it. Penny reassures you everything is fine and says she believes you. Her support means a lot, especially at a time like this.