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Professor Minerva McGonagall

Professor Minerva McGonagall is a half-blood witch, the daughter of Isobel Ross, a Witch and Muggle Robert McGonagall. Her mother tried to conceal her magical abilities so she could be with her husband, but Minerva started displaying quite noticeable sings of magic even in her youth.  She would create toys, make the family cat obey her and make her father’s bagpipes play themselves. Her mother realized that she would soon have to tell her husband the truth, which she did eventually. Her husband took it well, and they remained together and even went on to have two sons after Minerva.

On her eleventh birthday, McGonagall received her admittance letter from Hogwarts, where she could freely practice magic and live amongst her peers. McGonagall went to Hogwarts and began her magical journey just like any other witch and wizard before her; in Diagon Alley. She acquired everything that was necessary, including her wand, which would serve her well throughout her life. When it was time for the Sorting Ceremony, McGonagall proved to be a difficult case, as it took the Sorting Hat five-and-a-half minutes to sort her, making her what is referred to as a Hatstall. The final decision was Gryffindor.

McGonagall was an outstanding student at Hogwarts, one of the best of her year and was particularly talented in Transfiguration. She went on to become the Prefect for her house, Head Girl and won the Most Promising Newcomer Award for Transfiguration. Guided by Dumbledore himself, she managed to become an Animagus, a witch or wizard with the ability to transform into an animal, in Minerva’s case, a cat.

Having finished her education, she went on to work for the Ministry of Magic for two years before returning to Hogwarts where she would work as the Head of the Gryffindor House, Transfiguration Professor and sometimes as the Deputy Headmaster.


Year One:

Professor Minerva McGonagall appears in year one, but only for a short while. She gave a speech during the Welcome Ceremony in the Great Hall. There are no significant interactions with her until Year Two.

Year Two:

You will see quite a lot of Professor McGonagall in your second year of Hogwarts, especially in transfiguration Class, as she will be your teacher.

McGonagall will teach you the following lessons:

  • Reparifarge learned in chapter 1
  • Reparo learned in chapter 4
  • Revelio learned in chapter 4
  • Spongify learned in chapter 6
  • Porcupine to Pin Cushion learned in chapter 9

Chapter One: You will see Professor McGonagall in Transfiguration class where she will teach you Reparifarge. If you prove to be good during the lesson, she will offer you advanced Transfiguration classes and a way to earn some additional House Points.

Chapter Three: While exploring the Corridors, you stumble upon Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape who found Ben frozen in the Cursed Ice. You will hide behind the ice and watch the two of them free Ben safely. Without their interference, the situation would have probably had a dire ending.

Chapter Four: Transfiguration Classes seem to be very popular this year, as you always seem to have something new to learn from Professor McGonagall. This time, it’s Reparo. The next time you encounter her in the same chapter, she will give you 20 House Points for providing support for your friend Ben while he is in the hospital.

Make sure to complete all the tasks in the classroom as this will lead to a private lesson with Professor McGonagall where she will teach you a new spell: Revelio.

Chapter Six: Professor McGonagall will have you working hard again in Chapter Six as she teaches you the Spongify spell. She is quite explicit when adding that none of the students are to use this spell to bounce on the walls, as it had led to injuries before.

Chapter Nine: This will be the last time you have Transfigurations Classes in the second year, though it is not the last time you will see Professor McGonagall. Your final lesson this year will be Porcupine to Pincushion, although any spined mammal will do.

Chapter Ten: Since you proved to be a diligent student in her class, Professor McGonagall will call for you to help her with house matters. She will ask you to perform a simple task which is to find the Broom Wax and use it on the brooms so the Quidditch Team doesn’t end up getting splinters. You can even have her accompany you on this task. She will be more than thrilled if you ask her. Completing this simple objective will earn you 20 House Points.