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Rowan Khanna

Rowan is the first character you will meet in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. You will first see him/her in front of the Ollivanders Wand Shop in Diagon Alley. He/she will also be the same gender as your character. Our Rowan was male, so we'll use that pronoun from now on. Upon meeting him you can already see he is a genuine guy and that he will become a very good and trustworthy friend and accomplice.

Rowan Khanna is most likely a half-blood that came from a wizard British-Indian family inGreat Britain. From a young age, he was interested in learning new stuff, he was good at school. Absorbing information like a sponge. But because of all that studying, he was not adored by other kids. To other kids, he seemed like a nerd, so he had a hard time making friends. Upon approaching him in front of Ollivander's shop he will politely introduce himself and ask you if you are attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry like him. Luckily for you, he was good at managing himself through Diagon Alley and he was gladly wanting to help. Upon getting all the necessary stuff for your first year at Hogwarts, your adventures with Rowan are just about to start.


Year one:        

Like every first-year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it will start in the Great Hall with the Sorting Ceremony. Rowan will be sorted in the same house as your protagonist, which will come useful for your future negotiations.

Chapter 2: Even early in the game he will stand up against bullies that verbally abuse you about your missing brother Jacob. To return the favor, upon going to the Potion classroom to learn Cure for Boils, you will encounter Rowan arguing with Merula Snyde, the Slytherin first year witch. You will help him avoid a conflict and try to reason with her. Quickly after, that commotion will be interrupted by Professor Snape.

Chapter 3: Rowan and your protagonist will end up locked in the Potion Storeroom and attacked by the magical plant Devil's SnareRowan will try to open the locked door while you struggle to hold back the magical plant using Lumos Charm. Eventually, Hagrid will hearRowan's knocking and he will release you from your nightmare.

Later, Rowan will invite you, and teach you to play a game of Gobstones, proving he isn't all just about books and studying.

Chapter 4: His skill with fast learning will come useful when you have to prepare and learn new spells for dueling. He will help you search for the Duelling Book, and he will examine every page in order to find the corresponding spell Rictusempra, which you two will learn on your own in your common room. Rowan will also display an act of bravery while offering himself as a test dummy for the newly learned spell.

Chapter 5: Rowan will be picked by your house Prefect to be your first dueling opponent. There, Rowan and your protagonist will learn the basics of wizarding combat.

Chapter 9: He will once again prove his bravery when he sneaks his way to Mrs. Norris(Hogwarts Janitor's cat) and pours Sleeping Draught on the floor to make her sleep, while you investigate the secret room in the forbidden corridor.

Year Two:

Rowan has been with you from the very beginning. He is your best friend and what he lacks in power, he more than makes up for it in terms of diligence and intellect. He is always eager to help you, no matter how crazy or dangerous the plan might sound. He even puts his life on the line for you in this year.

Chapter One: Rowan will be the first person you talk to once you return to Hogwarts in Year Two. The two of you will discuss the Secret Message you found last year. Sadly, neither of you had any luck figuring out what it means. Later in Chapter One when you meet Rowan in the Artifact Room, you discover a Secret Note that requires deciphering. Rowan takes it upon himself to complete that task. And he keeps his word, later bringing you the deciphered message. The author of the note, the mysterious R, wants you to sneak into Slytherin’s Common Room and retrieve a black quill from it. It’s a very dangerous task, but that doesn’t discourage Rowan.

Chapter Two: Following the events from Chapter One, you meet Rowan in the Common Room where you discuss your plan further. Rowan tells you he came up with a plan. A mad one, but a plan nonetheless. You are to shrink yourself, enter the Slytherin Common Room, Enlarge yourself, get the quill, shrink yourself again and exit.

Chapter Three: It’s finally time to execute the plan Rowan came up with. You two meet in front of the Slytherin Common Room and he wishes you luck. Once you cast the spell and successfully shrink yourself, Rowan is surprised it worked. Not very reassuring of him, to say the least. After you barely avoid punishment from Snape, you and Rowan go back to your Common Room and Transfigure the Black Quill. It turns out to be another set of instruction from the mysterious R.

Chapter Four: As you and Rowan keep discovering more and more about the mysteries of the Cursed Vaults, the more dangerous it gets. Following the instructions from the previous note, you go to the Corridor as instructed. You cast Revelio at that location and it reveals a Secret Stairway. You have doubts about exploring it, but Rowan insists that you do. However, this doesn’t end too well for him. You reach the end of the secret hallway and find a vault door, but it is protected by the Cursed Ice. In an attempt to breach the ice barrier, Rowan ends up getting injured and you need to take him to the hospital.

Chapter Five: You go to visit Rowan at the hospital and he wakes up while you are talking to Penny near his bed. Luckily, he seems fine and even makes a little pun to brighten the mood. When he starts to feel a little better, he talks about how he felt during the incident. He mentions that the Cursed Ice drained his strength and it’s obvious he is still shaken up. It looks like Rowan won’t be going back to the Cursed Vault entrance any time soon.

Chapter Six: You’ve managed to convince Bill Weasley to help you reach the vault and he promised to teach you how to use Incendio. However, you first need to learn everything you can about the spell and that is where Rowan comes in. Being the clever guy that he is, he already knows everything about it. He also assists you in finding one of the ingredients for Hagrid’s side quest.

Chapter Eight: Your plan to go back and attempt to enter the Cursed Vault again is coming along nicely, you just need to help your friends perfect their spells and dueling power to prepare them for what’s ahead. Rowan in particular needs help with casting Incendio. Once you help him train, he will be prepared to face the upcoming challenge.