I was laying comfortably in bed in my dorm, holding my notebook with one hand and the pen with another. I was trying to think of something nice to write to her. A new song, perhaps. Yes, I am quite confident she would like that. However, all the fuss with the Cursed Vaults had left me little time to focus on anything else. And it wasn’t like I didn’t want to spend time with her. Quite opposite, I used every single opportunity I had to be together with her. At first, she was unwilling to admit it, but both of us knew we enjoy each other’s company. Now I have to think of a good way to write this song, so she would like it…

“Dylan! There you are!” I heard Rowan’s voice as he rushed into the dormitory.

I slowly raised my head and looked at him. “Hey Rowan, what happened?”

“You should hurry to the Great Hall, apparently, Dumbledore wants to make an important announcement!” He answered with an excited tone. I could notice him smiling from ear to ear.

“All right, let’s see what it is about,” I replied.

“Do you think it could be something related to the vaults?” He asked.

“I don’t know…” I answered, still thinking about her. Perhaps, she’ll be there too…

The halls and corridors were quite lively these days. Despite the dangers that the vaults were presenting, most of the students were simply going about their daily lives. I simply could not do that. Not that I didn’t want to. In fact, I would prefer if I could lead a normal life here and worry only about my studies, but it wasn’t that simple. Since Jacob was directly involved, I found it rather impossible to sit idle and do nothing about the situation. So far, I’ve gotten numerous warnings from all the professors, but I have to find him. I have to make sure he’s all right. And I won’t be able to accomplish that by sitting idly… Also, there was her… Lately, she’s been driving me crazy. She was the cause of most of my sorrows, but also, some of the most joyful moments I had were with her. I can’t deny that I have feelings for her. And lately, those feelings are stronger and stronger…

“…so that way, I’ll remain remembered as the youngest professor Hogwarts has ever had. What do you think of that?” I suddenly snapped as Rowan asked me the question. Apparently, he was speaking for a while, but I couldn’t remember anything he was saying…

“Yes, indeed,” I nodded and smiled at him. At this point, it would be too rude to admit that I didn’t pay attention to him. He obviously cared a lot about becoming one of the youngest professors ever to teach at Hogwarts. Hopefully, his dream will come true one day.

The Great Hall was quite crowded today. It looks like everyone was eagerly awaiting Dumbledore’s announcement. To be fair, I also wonder what he wants to tell us. Whatever it is, I am sure it’s important, otherwise, he could simply relay it through the other professors.

“I suppose you’re wondering why I’ve called you here,” he started addressing us once everyone took their seats. “It is not to remind you to pick up after your pets in the castle… Though the behavior is strongly encouraged.”

I noticed Tulip flinching the moment he said that. I couldn’t help but chuckle slightly.

“It is with great pleasure that I announce to you that Hogwarts’ Celestial Ball is fast approaching,” he continued. “It is a festive event for your Year, held here in the Great Hall. There will be music, decorations, refreshments, and dancing. I’m sure you have many questions…”

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery FanFiction The Celestial Ball Part 1

“Yes! Will we get to help plan the Celestial Ball?” Penny was the first one to ask the question. I could notice she was so excited, she almost jumped out of her seat.

“A student will be elected to lead the decorating committee, Miss Haywood,” the Headmaster replied.

“Can I bring a date to the ball? I mean a person, not the fruit,” Barnaby asked with a confused look.

“Yes, everyone may attend the ball with a classmate as a guest, Mr. Lee,” Professor Dumbledore answered.

“What’s the dress code for the ball?” Andre was the next one to ask the question.

“The dress code, Mr. Egwu, is formal,” the Headmaster explained.

There were a couple of other students asking some questions and once everyone’s curiosity has been satisfied, Dumbledore addressed us once more.

“Students, you are dismissed to return to class. More details about the Celestial Ball will be provided in time.”

Shortly after, most of the students started talking to each other, discussing various possibilities and options for the ball. Merula, on the other hand, didn’t hesitate to approach me as soon as the speech was over.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery FanFiction The Celestial Ball Part 1

“What do you make of this ‘Celestial Ball,’ Edwards?” She asked.

“The Celestial Ball sounds like a lot of fun! I can’t wait!” I answered, but not with complete honesty. To be fair, I want to go to the ball together with her, but I’ll need to wait for a nice opportunity to ask her out. After all, I want that to be a special sort of surprise, so I’ll need to think of a way to completely knock her off her feet. I really consider her ‘that special someone’, and I’m going to give it my best to make her feel that way.

“Of course you would say that,” she replied. I could notice a slight disappointment on her gorgeous face. Perhaps she wanted a different response? Maybe she was expecting me to ask her out already?

“Well, don’t tell me you aren’t at least a little bit interested in it?” I gave her a cheeky smile.

“Why would I be interested in such a silly event? I’m the most powerful witch at Hogwarts, I don’t care about something as trivial as some ball…” She answered with her usual, uninterested look.

“Of course you don’t,” I smiled once again, this time giving her a huge grin.

I couldn’t fail to notice her blushing slightly when I said this. Apparently, she does care about the ball, but she certainly doesn’t want to show it. Perhaps she is embarrassed by the other students, so she does not want them to notice it. I am fairly certain none of them would mind, but oh well.

“Whatever, Edwards…” She replied before going back to talk to Ismelda.

I should definitely think of a nice way to ask her to be my date. I guess I’ll write her a song, something to warm her heart. She always cheers up when I write it to her. But this time, I have to outdo myself. I doubt she’s uninterested in the ball, but either way, I should give it my best to make her feel better about attending it.

I could notice she would glance at my direction from time to time, while I was chatting with the rest of my friends. Everyone was so excited about the upcoming ball that no one noticed the two of us gazing at each other occasionally. I waited for an opportunity when nobody was looking at me to blow a kiss her way. She saw it and immediately blushed. Ismelda had her back turned to me, but she also saw her reaction, so she turned around to see what caused her friend to blush. I was just standing there, smiling casually, pretending that I don’t know what’s going on. While Ismelda was looking at me, semi-confused, Merula used the opportunity to blow a kiss my way. So she does care indeed! I was so happy that I couldn’t help but blush myself. I noticed she was smiling at me, with her usual smile, content that she managed to make me blush. And in all honesty, I am glad she did.

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