Saturday, February 23

Liftoff and Landing

This is it. The moment you've been preparing for. In this last flying class in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery year one you will finally try to fly for the first time. You will either lift-off and fly to the open sky or fall of the broom and crash badly into the ground (hope not). This flying lesson will be hard like the last one.

In order to finish this class, you will have to obtain 5 stars in 3 hours. It is recommended to start this class with a full energy bar. You will probably spend all your energy even if you had it full, so you will have to either wait for your energy to come back or buy some energy with in-game currency. You can also look around the Hogwarts castle and find energy spots that will surely prove useful.

Like every other flying lesson, it will start with broom maintenance where you will have to spend some of your energy until you gain your first star. After you get your first star you will be given the path on the screen which upon completion will make your character do the final broom cleaning animation.

After maintaining your broom you will need to practice all the previous exercises you learned in the last two lessons, which was: summon broom and mount broom. While practicing your broom control you will have to spend a lot of energy in order to get 4 stars which you will need to complete this lesson.

When you finally finish all the tasks of preparing your broom, practicing your magic control over her and maintaining your balance, you will earn the 5th star and there you will be given the movement curly looking path which upon successfully tracing will make your protagonist fly for the first time.

You finally learned to lift off the ground and fly like every other real wizard. This will be the last flying lesson and the last test you will have in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery - year one. Upon completing this lesson you will be granted +1 Energy Limit that will surely prove useful in the upcoming lessons. Later in the approaching years, you will learn to do all sorts of acrobatics with your broom which will make all of this look so funny and easy.