Saturday, February 23

Mount Broom

Once again in order to become a true wizard and fly for the first time, you will need to complete yet another flying class in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Luckily you have the best flying coach there is, Madam Hooch. Last lesson you learned to summon your broom to your hand, in this lesson you will learn how to mount your broom and be one step closer to flying.

In order to start your lesson, you will apply what you have learned in the last lesson. First things first, you will need to maintain your broom and prepare her for the upcoming practice. There you will have to spend your energy points until you have earned your first star.

Once you have completed your obligations and gathered your first star you will be given the movement path on the screen which if you've done correctly your protagonist will do the final touch and polish your broom.

For this lesson, you will need to gain 5 stars in 3 hours. It will be a hard task. It is highly suggested you start this lesson with a full energy bar located in the top right corner. To gain your other 4 stars you will need to spend energy on practicing Broom Summoning you learned last time and watching Madam Hooch with her demonstration.

Once you have obtained all 5 stars, you will be given the movement path to call the broom with the "up" pronunciation. If you've done that correctly, you will be given a focus stationary circle and one circle with the same center that is increasing in size and decreasing. In order to mount your broom, you will have to land the moving circle with the stationary one.

If you've done everything correctly you will finally be mounted on your broom and your legs would be up in the air. By completing this lesson you will be granted +1 energy limit which will prove useful with your long lessons. Now you are one step closer to lift off the ground and fly out in the open and who knows, if you prove yourself you might even get into the Quidditch team.