Saturday, February 23

Sleeping Draught Potion

Sleeping Draught is the 4th and final potion you will learn as a freshman in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery year one - chapter eight. The difference between this potion and the rest is that you won't learn this potion from Professor Snape, you will learn this one from a girl colleague. And not just any girl, you will learn Sleeping Draught from the most popular girl in the whole of HogwartsPenny Haywood!

Penny Haywood is the most popular girl in year one. She is most known for her skill in brewing potions. She was so pleased that you stand up against Merula Snyde that she said she would do anything she can to help if you needed something.

Well, luckily for you, you needed help with a potion that can take care of MrsNorris (cat of the Hogwarts janitor Argus Filch) who is guarding the entrance of the secret room. So, you needed something that can take care of the cat without causing suspicion. The best answer was to make MrsNorris drink the Sleeping Draught potion and make her sleep while you investigate the room.

Sleeping Draught is a potion that will make anyone who drinks it fall into deep sleep. This potion is very simple but it can be very dangerous. SleepingDraught is a kind of potion that you can adapt depending on your needs. When I say adapt I mean you can brew it to become a more powerful version of this sleeping potion. That version is called Draught of the Living Death. Remember when I said it can be dangerous? Well, this is as far as it goes. The strongest Sleeping Draught meaning Draught of the Living Death was once used on a princess and it made her fall into deep sleep, making her unconscious for the time being. Everyone thought she was a goner, and that she would never wake up until a wizard prince arrived with a possible cure that will wake up the sleeping princess. The cure was Wiggenweld Potion (healing potion). The prince soaked his lips with the Wiggenweld Potion and kissed the princess. All of a sudden her body started to warm up, she was finally waking up (talk about a cliché).

In order to earn your last potion in your freshman year, you will need to earn 5 stars. If you don't already know, you can earn stars by clicking on the glowing objects or NPC's, and for that process, you will use energy that you have a limited amount of. It is highly suggested that you start this lesson with a full energy bar.

This potion will require no searching for ingredients of any kind, or prepare them for the cauldron. You will have everything there, already prepared by Penny. You will just need to use energy clicking on the book in front of your character and on Penny.

Finally, when you have completed all of the tasks given, and when you have gathered 5 stars, you will learn your final potion for year one and it will reward you +5 Gems that you can spend on many in-game customizations.