Saturday, February 23


Flying lessons are getting progressively more difficult as you advance through your second year. First you had to learn how to fly fast, and now you’re expected to do barrel rolls, twists and turns on your broom. If you ask me, this all hints towards a possible Quidditch match in the future years. Fingers crossed.

Let’s get started then. First, you’ll want to mount your broom and f…. Oh, right. Broom maintenance it is. Madam Hooch would probably have you sent to detention if you forgot something as important as this. It is one of the basics, after all.

Inspect your broom properly. See if it needs mending in any of the places. And apply a new coat of wax just in case. You can never be too safe.

A broom is much like a witch or wizard’s wand. It can be a source of tremendous power if mastered.

For this class, Madam Hooch has even brought in a special guest. Andre is an older student at Hogwarts, and most likely part of the Quidditch team. This means he can maneuver the broom like the best of them. Watch carefully as he demonstrates proper posture and grip which are key to success.

In the end, you will get the movement path, and all you have to do is trace it with your finger to successfully perform the Weaving Maneuver.

And with this, you’ve completed all your flying lessons in the second year. Stay patient until next year, and there will be more lessons to come. In the meantime, you will have more than enough Transfiguration lessons to keep you busy.