Within every world, within every story, there were wars. Sometimes when there isn't any political solution, when words cannot do much, wars occur. In case of the magical world with Wizards and Muggles, there were two big wars. The First Wizarding War (1970-1981) and theSecond Wizarding War (1995-1998). So in order to defend themselves, wizards learned to fight with new spells invented for combat.

In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery your first duel will occur in year one, chapter five. It will actually be a training duel, but a duel is a duel. Your house perfect will summon you to come outside in the Courtyard and bring your friend Rowan Khanna with you.

First, the main deal before starting a duel, don't underestimate your opponent, in this case just look at what his/hers Attribute Levels are. If you have higher Attribute Levels than your opponent, then you won't have any issues defeating them. If it's the other way around, if your opponent has higher Attribute Levels than you, you will deal less and take more damage.

When you enter the duel, you will be given 3 options (Stances) to choose. It's like a rock-paper-scissors game. You can choose between AggressiveSneaky and Defensive stances. The other dueler is also given the same options.

In order to cast your spells, you will first need to win turns against your opponent in this "rock paper scissors" game of stances. So there is Aggressive(scissors)Defensive(rock) and a Sneaky(paper) stance.

  • Aggressive stance will always win against the Sneaky Stance.
  • Sneaky stance will always win against the Defensive Stance.
  • Defensive stance will always win against the Aggressive Stance.

If you manage to pick the same stance as your opponent, no one will get to cast any spells, the turn will be over and the player with less Health will gain a small portion of Stamina back.

If you manage to overcome your opponents' stance and win, you will get to choose a spell you want to cast depending on what stance you have chosen. There will be icons on the right side of every offered spell, that will show you what attributes that spell is using (hearth, book, shield).

If you've won a "rock paper scissors" with the Defensive stance you will get to choose Wiggenweld Potion that will heal your character for 2 turns. If you've won with the Sneaky stance you will get to choose between Rictusempra and Flipendo. And Finally, from theDefensive stance, you will get to choose ExpelliarmusThrow Vial is the basic damage "spell" (you are basically throwing a rock) located in all of the three stances.

Finally,  if you've won the duel you will win experience points used to level up your character.