Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough section for Magical Creatures Everywhere Adventure for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. This Adventure is available for Year 4 and above students and it consists of four parts. Each of those parts will be detailly covered and explained. This will, hopefully, come in handy for you since the time to complete the Adventure is limited to a bit less than four days.

During this adventure, you’ll learn that pretty much all of Professor Kettleburn’s creatures are on the loose and it is up to you to find them and safely bring them back. This will be no easy task, but hopefully, with the help of your friends, you’ll manage to locate all of the missing creatures. But be warned, while some of those are pretty harmless and gentle, other ones can be quite fierce and dangerous, so you’ll need to be extra careful with handling them.

Have you got what it takes to find all the Magical Creatures that are missing? Are you brave enough to do so? Dive right into this adventure and find out!

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