Chapter 5

Hello everyone, welcome to Chapter Five of Year One of our Magical Journey Walkthrough for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. In the previous one, we obtained the secret dueling book from the Artefact room. While we were there, we experienced a strange vision about ice encasing Hogwarts. Afterward, Professor Flitwick thought us the Disarming Charm – Expelliarmus. We also learned the Tickling Charm – Rictusempra from the dueling book. In this Chapter, we will finally have a chance to put a stop to Merula’s cruelty.

So let’s get right to it. Hit the Start button and proceed to the Courtyard to meet with your Prefect.

After a short conversation, she’ll decide to make you duel Rowan. This is one opportunity to find out how the duelling system works. Tapping on the crossed wands will open the duelling window. You can see the recommended attribute levels for the opponent you’re facing, and your strength will be determined by your attribute levels.

When duelling, you can select one of three different stances: Sneaky, Defensive and Aggressive. They work in a similar manner to Rock, Paper, Scissors. To start with, you’ll need to select one of them. After that, your stance will compare to the one your opponent chose and the outcome will be determined.

The winner will be able to use one of the moves tied to his chosen stance. Each of these moves is tied to one of the attributes, and having that specific attribute at a high level will increase the effectiveness of the move.

In case of a draw, the dueler with a lower amount of stamina will regenerate some of it. You can read the detailed dueling guide HERE. After you win, tap the Collect button to continue. Your Prefect will praise your performance and will encourage you to continue training to further hone your skills.

Your next story task will be confronting Merula, but there is a three-hour waiting period. However, it is strongly recommended to attend all the lessons for this Chapter before that, since those will award you with a lot of attribute points, which will be useful in a duel against her. So, tap on the GO button and proceed to the Charms classroom.

To unlock Wingardium Leviosa lesson, you need to earn two stars from Charms class. The fastest way to do so would be going for a one-hour lesson, but if you want to earn better rewards, you might want to consider taking a three or eight-hour lesson. In any case, when you decide which one suits you best, tap on the Start button to begin. Just repeat the same steps as always and do your best to successfully complete mini-tasks, as those will give you some nice additional attribute points.

After you’re done, it’s time for the real deal – learning Wingardium Leviosa. When you get inside the classroom, you’ll notice that several students have something to tell you. Tapping on their speech bubbles will reveal what they have to say.

Afterward, Professor Flitwick will explain some of the basic things about Levitation Charm and the lesson will start. This one requires you to earn five stars within three hours. It is somewhat recommended to start it with full energy. Like before, there’s nothing much to add, but keep in mind one thing. Actions that require more energy to complete will, in general, fill up more of Star Meter per energy spent. Also, give it your best to complete mini-tasks for additional Empathy points.

Lastly, trace the path on the screen to successfully cast the spell. After this, the only thing left is to face Merula. Tap on the GO button and proceed to the Courtyard.

When you arrive, you’ll notice quite a commotion there. Merula cornered poor Ben Copper and started throwing all sorts of insults his way. Sadly, none of the other students was bold enough to stand up to her… no one but you! You’ll have three options to address the situation. Two of those will require you to have level three in Courage and Empathy respectively. It is suggested you pick one of them since they will award you with more attribute points.

After a bit of arguing, you’ll have another three options. You can either strike first (requires level three Courage), challenge Merula or refuse to fight (requires level five knowledge).

If you remember Professor Flitwick’s words, you should know that striking first could have dire consequences, so it is strongly advised to pick one of the other two options. In that case, she will cast Flipendo charm and your character will fall on the ground. Once you’re back on your feet, tap on the crossed wands icon to continue. The dueling window will show you the recommended attribute levels for this duel.

This duel is considerably more difficult compared to the practice you had with Rowan. However, there is a catch. Most of the time (but not always), Merula will go with Aggressive stance, so if you go with Defensive all the time, you’ll be able to defeat her easily. After winning, you’ll be able to perform the Disarming Charm – Expelliarmus. Trace the path on the screen to cast the spell and disarm Merula.

With this, you’ll not just win the duel, but embarrass her in front of everyone. This is a blow she won’t soon forget. She’ll then start raging and won’t even notice the two professors behind her. After a bit of talk, Snape will ask both you and Merula to meet him in the West Tower to face the consequences of the unauthorized dueling.

This will conclude the Fifth Chapter of Year One of our Magical Journey. Which were your favorite moments? What strategy did you use in the duel against Merula? Did you strike first or not? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you for reading and see you soon with another chapter of our amazing adventure!

You can check out our video playthrough of Chapter 5 HERE