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Chapter 6

Hello everyone, welcome to Year One, Chapter Six of our Magical Journey Walkthrough for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. In the previous Chapter, we finally got to face Merula and embarrass her in front of everyone by defeating her in a duel. However, it caused quite a scene, and both of us were taken by Professor Snape to face the consequences of our actions.

So, let’s find out what kind of punishment does Snape have in store for us. Hit the Start button to begin and tap on the GO button to proceed to the West Tower.

On your way there, you’ll encounter a cheerful Hufflepuff student. Her name is Penny Haywood and she’s the most popular first-year girl. She wanted to thank you for being brave enough to stand up to Merula since none of the other students dared to intervene in the situation.

After a bit of a talk, you’ll learn that she is very good at Potions and she even offered her help if you ever need it. She is also pretty familiar with the gossip around Hogwarts, so that could come in handy in the future.

After you part ways, you’ll proceed to see what your punishment will be. Merula will try to get out of the situation as usual, but she won’t have it easy this time, especially since she was the one who attacked first. That doesn’t save you, however, so you’ll have to explain yourself to Snape. You have three possible options. Each of them will give you five points in a different attribute.

Sadly, whichever option you go with, you’ll lose twenty House Points. What a way to punish you. At least it was completely worth it. Twenty points to stop Merula is nothing to be sorry about.

Afterward, the caretaker Mr. Filch will appear and ask Snape to follow him to the Upstairs Corridor. Merula decides to follow them straight away because it seems something related to the Cursed Vaults. So, this is your next task. Tap on the GO button to follow them.

You’ll witness the conversation between Filch and Snape about the Vaults. Apparently, your brother is somehow involved, but sadly, you couldn’t find out more. In the end, you decided it is for the best to get out of there and avoid getting caught.

Since the next story task requires you to wait three hours, you can do the lessons for this Chapter in the meanwhile. Tap on the GO button and proceed to Charms classroom.

To unlock Nox lesson you’ll need to earn a total of three stars from Charms class. The easiest way to do so is to take a three-hour class, but if you want to earn some additional attribute points, you can go with an eight-hour one. In any case, complete actions by tapping on various objects to fill up the Star Meter.

Also, pay attention to mini-tasks if you want to earn some extra Empathy points.

When you are done, Nox lesson will be unlocked, so you can proceed to it. It will require you to earn five stars within three hours. It should take roughly two full energy bars to complete this lesson, so there should be plenty of time, especially if you start with full energy. When you earn all five stars, trace the path on the screen in order to cast the spell.

That is another spell learned and plenty of attribute points gained. Next task is to unlock Mount Broom lesson. This one also requires you to earn a total of three stars, but from Flying class, obviously. The fastest way is to do it with a three-hour class, but in terms of rewards, the eight-hour lesson is the best by far (per energy point spent). Like in the Charms class, complete various actions by tapping on the glowing objects in order to fill up the Star Meter.

Be sure to also succeed at mini-tasks for some bonus Courage points.

After you unlock the lesson, it’s time for the real deal. Hit the GO button and proceed to Training Grounds. This lesson will require you to earn five stars within three hours. Once you’re ready, tap on the Start button to begin.

Like always, complete actions to fill up the Star Meter. Completing those will sometimes trigger really funny comments from other characters.

And as usual, if you want some bonus Courage points, be successful at completing mini-tasks after earning each star.

And lastly, when you earn the fifth star, do the Focus mini-task in order to mount your broom.

Congratulations! This will not only give you a nice amount of attribute points but will increase your maximum energy by one, which will surely come handy in the future.

Now is the time to continue the story. Hit the GO button and proceed to the Great Hall to meet with Rowan. When you get there, you can tap on the speech bubbles above other students to check out what they have to say. Once you’re done with that, tap on the exclamation mark to start the conversation with Rowan. After explaining to him the situation with Filch and Snape, you’ll have to convince him to help you investigate the forbidden corridor. Tapping on the handshake icon will open the window in which you can see the recommended attribute levels for this task. When you are ready, hit the Start button to begin.

In order to convince Rowan to help, you’ll need to be friendly and supportive and let him know that he is an essential part of solving this mystery. If you are having trouble, you can check some of the questions and the optimal answers below.

In most cases, four good answers will be enough to complete this task. Given that you have six turns, it shouldn’t prove too difficult. After a bit more talking, your next task will be to investigate the upstairs corridor with Rowan. However, there is a three-hour waiting time until you can do it. If you don’t want to wait, you can always spend some gems to remove the waiting time.

In any case, once you’re ready, hit the GO button and proceed to the upstairs corridor. You’ll find Rowan there, waiting for you. Tap on the exclamation mark to continue.

You’ll work out the basics of the plan, but he’s apparently having second thoughts, so you have three options to answer with.

Each of the options will award you with five points in a different attribute. Regardless of your choice, you’ll decide to search the corridor quickly and see if you can find anything interesting. Tap on the exclamation mark and hit the Start button to begin.

In order to complete this task, you’ll need to earn five stars within one hour. However, to be able to pass, you only need one star. If you plan to obtain all of the bonus stars, it is highly recommended to start with full energy. That way, completing it on time shouldn’t be a problem.

Complete actions by investigating various glowing objects in the corridor in order to fill up the Star Meter.

After completing the investigation, you come to a conclusion that the door is locked with an impenetrable lock and getting inside at this point would be impossible. Rowan will suddenly notice a cat approaching. But it’s not just any cat, it’s Mrs. Norris, the caretaker’s cat, and if she is here Filch is probably not too far away. In the end, you both decide it’s for the best that you get out of there.

With this, the Sixth Chapter of our Magical Journey is concluded. We hope that you found it exciting and fun. What was your favorite part of it? What choices did you make? Let us know in the comments. Thank you for reading and see you soon with the continuation of our adventure. Until next time!

You can check out our video playthrough of Chapter 6 HERE