AoV Xeniel Codex

Hayate, the new “Codex” AoV hero

It is the 6th (and last) week of Chapter 4 Xeniel Codex in Arena of Valor, a perfect time for clearing remaining Valor quests/objectives and claiming Celestial Marksman (Yorn) skin. In the meantime, the Twitter user AOVLEAKS revealed new information about chapter 5 codex and release schedule for March of 2019.
AoV Xeniel Codex
According to the leaks, in the new chapter we can expect to see a new Arena of Valor (AoV) Hero, Hayate, following the same pattern of release as Wiro did. However, it remains to be seen at which lvl we can claim him. In unopened (free) Codex version Wiro (trial card) was available at lvl 35, Wiro free codex version at lvl 45, while open (paid) Codex rewarded Wiro at lvl 15. Would Hayate follow exactly the same pattern, I do not know but I am looking forward to getting my hands on this new and unique marksman. It is the first marksman featuring Energy instead of Mana as a resource. In essence, once his energy bar is full it will start to deplete and Hayate will deal additional true damage.
What effect will this have on the game itself, meta-game and the tier list? It remains to be seen. One of the things I can anticipate, when faced against Hayate the value of shields will be somewhat reduced (for example, Cresht and Rourke of champions and Rhea’s Blessing of items). This is the case for all true-damage based champions, but marksman as a role is particularly important.

As soon as Codex becomes available a comprehensive Hayate guide will be released on our Arena of Valor heroes section until then stay in touch with all-things-gaming here at Bluemoongame.