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Heroes from Fairy Tail came to Garniel at last!

Five days ago NetMarble released 1.8 Update for Knights Chronicle. The update itself brought new Adventuring Region on the World Map, new Advent Dungeon (Erza Scarlet Advent) and changed existing Bounty List in Town into Conquest Board. On Conquest Board, you can now choose one of the available missions and clear it with Heroes from your roster. Those missions are available depending on your rank and you will have to progress considerably in order to finish the last mission. You can use available Heroes from your friends in order to reduce the time needed for completing the mission. I must say that Conquest Board is refreshing and definitely more interesting than Bounty List you had to do every day even you hated it.

New Heroes are certainly the most important novelty in the new update. This time, NetMarble introduced us with new Collaboration Heroes taken from the famous Fairy Tail Anima. Fairy Tail was created by talented Japanese author Hiro Mashima who received numerous awards for his art (Honored guest in San Diego ComicCon 2007, International Spotlight award at Harvey Awards 2017, Fauve Special Award at the 2018 Angoulême International Comics Festival…) This anima is very popular among fans and contains a lot of remarkable characters but NetMarble chose only five whose story can be implemented in Knights Chronicle. The chosen characters are Erza Scarlett, Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, Lucy Heartfilia, and Wendy Marvell.

Erza Scarlet is a young woman with one artificial eye whose specialty is to change armors and other equipment whenever she needs. In Knights Chronicle Erza is a Dark Attack Hero who improves the damage of the whole party depending on the number of Fairy Tail Heroes present. Erza will definitely change the game balance, especially in the Arena because she can boost up the damage done by up to 60% which is considerable.


Natsu Dragneel is a lean, muscular young man who wears a scarf in order to hide the scar on his neck. Natsu is adept in Dragon Slayer Magic which allows him to create a different source of energy-related to his emotional state. The angrier he is the heat he can produce is stronger. In Knights Chronicle, Natsu has similar skills as legendary Morrigan which means that he will be exploited for various purposes. Natsu can activate Resolve when he is in danger and he works best if he is in the party with Lucy Heartfilia.


Gray Fullbuster is a dark-haired teenager whose body is covered with scars and whose only cloth are his pants and his necklace. He mastered the art of Ice-Make which allows him to create objects of ice and shape it into his will for both offense and defense. In Knights Chronicle, Gray is Water Attack Hero who has an 80% chance to freeze the enemy with each strike. Additionally, he inflicts enormous damage against Frozen targets and he improves the party’s damage against targets with Abnormal Statuses. Gray Fullbuster is a great addition to any team and you can use him with other Heroes regardless if they are Fairy Tail or not.


Lucy Heartfilia is a beautiful young woman known by her blonde hair kept in the pigtail. She mastered the Celestial Spirit Magic which allows her to summon Celestial Spirits by using the Keys for their respective Gates. In Knights Chronicle, Lucy is a powerful Light Attack Hero whose all skills are additionally strengthened while Gate Keys are active. The only way for Lucy to lose a Gate Key is to activate Resolve but when that happens she is granted unbelievable power which will kill one opponent for sure. Lucy is definitely a Hero who will be used by many because of her versatility and lethality.


Wendy Marvell is a young Sky Dragon Slayer who joined Fairy Tail after the Nirvana incident. Like Natsu, she specialized in Dragon Slayer Magic but unlike him, she can control air. Her skills are especially potent for healing although her fighting capabilities are extraordinary. In Knights Chronicle Wendy is Wind Hybrid Hero who can heal her fellow companions with each attack and cause serious damage in the process. Wendy Marvell is the only Fairy Tail Hero who can actually boost other Heroes aside from Fairy Tail and her role in Knights Chronicle will be remarkable for sure.

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All new Heroes are featured on BlueMoonGame Knights Chronicle Hero page where you can find all important information about them. Also, BlueMoonGame after careful consideration implemented all new Heroes in our Tier List so you can now see their value compared to other Heroes from the game. We hope that you will find all this useful and that we succeeded in our desire to ease your Knights Chronicle experience.

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