Heroic Magic Duel Capture The Flag Event

Heroic Magic Duel Capture The Flag Event

Welcome to our overview of Capture the Flag event for Heroic Magic Duel. Here, you can find some basic information about the decks build for this event, as well as our tips and thoughts about the most effective cards and spells on how to use them.

Capture the Flag is PvP event in which you and your opponent will fight over the control of flags. Both sides have 3 flags, one in each lane, and whoever is the first to capture 2 flags, wins. In this event, once minion(s) reaches the flag, it will carry it back to your base, but it will also move at reduced speed, so it is necessary to protect it.

Capture The Flag Event – Basic Deck Composition

This event favors cheap and fast cards because it is possible to finish the match much faster than in the Arena. With that in mind, I would suggest having at least 5-6 cards that cost 2-3 mana, and the rest of the deck should be filled with 4-6 mana cards. It seems that having more expensive cards can do more harm than good in this event, so it’s probably a good idea to leave behind Fire Witch, Abomination and other expensive cards. 

Also, very slow cards (like Treant) and defensive/slow cards like Fire Imp are sub-optimal choices, since the goal of the event is to capture the flag quickly and bring it back to your side. 

Card Tips for Capture The Flag Event

Some minions that were underused (and underpowered) in the Arena can be extremely useful in this event. If you would like to learn more about minion cards, you can click here to view our complete minion cards guide.  

Charger Heroic Magic Duel


The charger was, and still is, one of the most underpowered cards. However, I think that he is absolutely the best minion for this event. Why is that so? Well, all minions will have their movement speed reduced while carrying the flag, all except the Charger. This basically means that he can charge forward, snatch the flag and run back to your side. Once this happens he can only be stopped with spells, since no unit will be able to catch him.

Fearless Leader 

He can increase the speed of your flag bearer, enabling him to quickly reach your side.

Water Elemental

Water elemental, with his special ability, can be used to push back enemies and protect your carrier.


Executioner can pull back and stun enemy flag carrier and all other minions (from long-range), so he’s very good at stopping the opponent from capturing your flag.

Crystal Colossus

It can be used to ‘tank’ the damage and push back enemies, protecting your flag bearer with its own body.

Spell Tips for Capture the Flag Event

Vortex Heroic Magic Duel


Vortex, with its relatively short cooldown speed, has just become the most powerful spell in Heroic Magic Duel, that is able to clear the lane of all minions, no matter how strong they are. So, how to do that? Well, it’s very simple. When using Vortex target the area at the very edge of your side of the screen, and it will pull enemies behind your flags. In this event, all minions die once they’ve reached the end of the lane, so… Yeah, you’ll clear the lane without directly dealing damage… Nice!  

Heroic Magic Duel Alay'na Spell - Statue


Statue can be used to block the lane, which makes it great as both an offensive and defensive tool. It can be used to protect your carrier or block the opposing player from capturing your flag.

We hope you enjoyed reading through our overview of Heroic Magic Duel Capture the Flag event. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to post a comment as we greatly appreciate all feedback from our readers.