Heroic Magic Duel Colossus Awakenig Event

Heroic Magic Duel Colossus Awakening Event

Welcome to our overview of the Heroic Magic Duel Colossus Awakening event. Here, we’ll talk about the new features that this event brings us. We will mostly focus on the new colossus mechanics, as well as the best cards and spells for this Heroic Magic Duel event. Let’s get started!
At the start of every match in the Colossus Awakening event, one Colossus will be present in the center of the middle lane. The first player to deal enough damage to the Colossus will gain it is an ally, and it will start lumbering towards the portal of the opposing player, until he slays it, and control changes hands. In this event, the neutral Colossus will start at level 1, but it will gain additional levels each time it ‘dies’. Every level will increase its size, movement speed, and health. Besides that, every time the Colossus dies it will deal damage to all minions around it, which is high enough to instantly kill all low health mobs. Once the Colossus reaches level 6+, it becomes almost unstoppable. The point of this event is to ‘escort’ the Colossus to the portal of your opponent, at which point it will activate, instantly destroying the portal regardless of its health. Victory can be also achieved by normally by pushing the side lanes and attacking the portal there. Do note that for this event every portal will have increased health, almost 3 times more than in the arena match. The Colossus is immune to all spells and special abilities, including the beneficial ones.

Colossus Awakening Event – The Best Cards

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Heroic Magic Duel Lord Sumrak


Lord Sumrak
In this event the players will often fight for the control of the middle lane, almost ignoring the other two and that’s the perfect situation for Lord Sumrak, since he can raise up all enemies in his lane, and slam them in the ground, dealing damage and stunning them in the process. This is excellent since it will usually affect a lot of minions, and it will also buy some time for your Colossus to push forward while enemies are stunned or just hanging in mid-air. All in all, Lord Sumrak is definitely the most useful card for this event.

Nature Guardian
Great for the same reasons as Lord Sumrak, mass stun, mass damage, buys time, and has solid Health.

Soul Leech
As we already said, in this event, the Colossus deals damage every time it changes its master. With more damage and more minions pushing through a single lane, we will probably see more minions dying than in arena matches and that’s great news for Soul Leech.

Ravenous Scourge
The little guys shouldn’t be used to push the mid lane, because they will die every time somebody takes control of the Colossus, and most spells will be targeted at his lane. However, they can be great at pushing the side lanes, distracting your opponent and forcing him to place Lord Sumrak/Nature Guardian in side lanes which should provide some advantage in the middle. All in all, it is not a good idea to ignore the multiplied scourge, since they can deal some serious damage, even with increased portal health.

Great in the late stages of the match. It can quickly kill the Colossus and it is a good choice for escorting it to an enemy portal – Abomination will survive any spell and it can take tons of damage.

Fearless Leader
Well, whenever there is a single lane push, we can expect to see a fearless leader, since his ‘Inspire’ ability can be of tremendous help in this situation.

We hope you enjoyed reading through our overview of the Heroic Magic Duel Colossus Awakening event. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to post a comment as we greatly appreciate all feedback from our readers.