Heroic Magic Duel Update 1-6

Heroic Magic Duel Update 1.6 – Our thoughts and tips

Welcome to our not-so-short overview of the update 1.6 for Heroic Magic Duel. First, let’s quickly summarize what the update 1.6 brought us and after that will go through every card and change, one by one.

  • Rebalancing of 16 minion cards
  • Rebalancing of 6 spells
  • 5 new minion cards
  • Shrine of the Serpent – the new arena


Will start off with minion rebalancing. Here, we’ll take a look at the rebalancing changes of each minion card, and express our opinion about it.

Bloodstalker Heroic Magic Duel

1. Bloodstalker

  • Health: 2,850 -> 2,575 (~10% decrease)
  • Damage: 710 -> 645 (~10% decrease)
  • Bonus health per unit: 160 -> 140

I think a slight a nerf to the Bloodstalker is ok. He was a bit overpowered before the update, and even after the nerf many players still regularly use him, myself included.

Heroic Magic Duel - Archer

2. Archers

  • Health: 200 -> 190 (~5%)
  • Damage: 80-> 75 (~6%)

Archers suffered a very light nerf, that slightly reduced their damage and health, and shouldn’t affect the power level of this card. I’m not sure why Archers would need any change, but since it’s an insignificant nerf, I guess it’s ok.

Alchemist Heroic Magic Duel

3. Alchemist

  • Health: 570 -> 485 (~15%)
  • Damage: 190 -> 130 (~32%)

Well, the Alchemist was one of the most used cards before the update, so he probably did deserve a slight nerf. I think that this guy was a bit too effective vs single targets. His health was too high for 3 Mana and when we look at his damage, we can see that he’s no longer able to one-shot skeletons. So his ability to fight mobs wasn’t severely decreased (except against shielded minions), and he’s now more of a specialized, anti-mob card, that can be easily taken out by almost any other card that spawns a single minion. I think that after the update the Alchemist won’t be used as much as before, and will probably get replaced by the Blade Dancer, in the most decks. Luckily, I didn’t upgrade this card.

Heroic Magic Duel - Fire Imp

4. Fire Imp

  • Health: 670 -> 395 (~40%)
  • Damage: 170 -> 180 (~6%)
  • Special Damage: 220 -> 160 (~28%)

The poor Fire Imp suffered a huge blow from the nerf hammer. After such a large decrease in health (I still can’t figure out the reason for it), and only a slight increase in damage, he’s now completely useless, once his special ability goes off. Well, these wouldn’t be exactly terrible news, since the Fire Imp was all about clearing mobs with his special ability, anyway. However, his special damage was also reduced by 28%, and he is no longer able to one-shot skeletons if their level is one level higher than his. So, here we have a card that was able to do one thing, and one thing only, and now he can’t even do it reliably – and don’t get me started on his ability to fight shielded mobs, that sucked even before the update… All in all, I think that Fire Imp is quickly falling out of favor, and I personally don’t use him anymore. The Blade Dancer is probably going to be the new best 3 Mana card for mob clearing card, definitely replacing the Fire Imp and also the Alchemist, in some decks.

Primal Spirit Heroic Magic Duel

5. Primal Spirit

  • Health 950 -> 920 (~3%)
  • Damage 380 -> 370 (~3%)

This card got a very, very slight stats change in the 1.6 update. Primal Spirit is a very good card in the lower leagues (it was actually my favorite), but slightly underpowered in higher leagues, so this change shouldn’t affect the game balance.

Goblin Marksman Heroic Magic Duel

6. Goblin Marksman

  • Health: 895 -> 795 (~12%)
  • Damage: 150 -> 145 (~3%)

In my opinion, the Goblin Marksman had a bit too much health for a 4 Mana, long-ranged minion. On the other hand, I think that his damage was already pathetic and although it wasn’t nerfed by any significant amount, I still don’t see any reason for that decision. Anyway, Goblin Marksman will be able to function almost as well as before the update, since the damage and not the health is the most important stat for a long-range marksman.

Shadow Huntress Heroic Magic Duel

7. Shadow Huntress

  • Health: 880 -> 830 (~6%)
  • Damage: 195 -> 185 (~5%)

Shadow Huntress was a very good card, especially in the lower leagues. Slight nerf might be in order, in this case.

Viper Heroic Magic Duel

8. Viper

  • Health: 605 -> 845 (~40%)
  • Damage: 305 -> 340 (~12%)
  • Poison Damage per second: 5% -> 15% (200% increase!)

Viper was seriously buffed up, and rightfully so. In my opinion, this was one of the most underpowered cards, alongside the Charger. After the huge buff to health, some increase in damage, and, most importantly, an enormous buff to his poison special ability, the Viper might start appearing on the battlefields in the specialized role of a ‘big guy killer’. This card can now be used to effectively counter the most powerful melee cards like the Mana Wraith, Brute, Juggernaut and the Abomination (especially Abomination) since everything that he hits will die from poison in 7 seconds or less. He can also be used to take out Crystal Colossus.

Amazon Heroic Magic Duel

9. Amazon

  • Health: 1,250 -> 1,130 (~10%)
  • Damage: 415 -> 325 (~22%)

This update was a significant nerf to the Amazon. Her health was a bit high for a ranged minion so ~10% nerf seems OK. More importantly, her damage was also nerfed by ~22%, so she isn’t as effective against single targets as she used to be, and has become an anti-mob specialist. I definitely agree that her damage was too high and in need of a nerf, because she was able to kill the mobs and was pretty good (more than you would expect) against single targets, so it was kind of a two for the price of one deal. However, ~22% might be just a little bit too much and I would argue that somewhere around 15% damage reduction might be more appropriate. With all that said, I don’t think that the Amazon will see a drop in popularity, since she’s still one of the best (if not the best) mob cleaners, and her single target damage is nothing to sneeze at, even after the update. Also, a lot of players already invested heavily in this card and it’s (still) good enough to keep her place in the decks.

Nature Guardian Heroic Magic Duel

10. Nature Guardian

  • Damage: 960 -> 800 (~17%)

I think that this was a good call. Nature Guardian can still deal a solid amount of damage (against both single targets and mobs) with his lightning staff, and when we add to that his stun ability this card is still one the most powerful cards in the game. I don’t see Nature Guardian going anywhere, and he’s probably going to keep his place as one of the most popular cards in the game.

Silver Ranger Heroic Magic Duel

11. Silver Ranger

  • Health: 685 -> 680 (~1%)
  • Damage: 455 -> 325 (~30%)

Silver Ranger, one of the most popular cards, that almost every player (including myself) upgraded as much as he could, just took a nerf Warhammer to the head… So, was his damage too high? I would say definitely yes. However, almost ~30% damage reduction is way too much in my opinion, and 15% or 20% would be much more appropriate. The Silver Ranger is going to keep his place in many decks since so many players already invested a lot of resources in him. Even after the damage nerf, he is still able to do his job of taking out powerful melee minions, only now it will take him that crucial 1-2 shots more to bring them down.

Anubis Heroic Magic Duel

12. Anubis

  • Damage: 290 -> 265 (~9%)

Anubis took slight damage nerf. Overall, this card is all about skeleton spawning ability, and ~9% damage nerf isn’t going to change anything.

Undead Warlord Heroic Magic Duel

13. Undead Warlord

  • Health: 4,175 -> 3,445 (~18%)
  • Damage: 595 -> 530 (~11%)

The Undead Warlord was, and still is, a part of almost any deck. His health was definitely too high, and reducing it by 18% looks like a good move. On the other hand, his damage was already very low for the card that costs 8 Mana, and I’m not sure if it was necessary to nerf it. Whatever the case, Undead Warlord is still one of the most used cards, that is seen in almost every match, so it looks like the nerf hammer didn’t strike too hard.

Fire Witch Heroic Magic Duel

14. Fire Witch

  • Health: 680 -> 695 (~2%)
  • Damage: 850 -> 555 (~35%)

After the update, Fire Witch got a 2% buff to health and 35% damage nerf. Well, for me the Fire Witch was all about her special ability (which wasn’t changed), so I don’t that anyone will think about throwing her out of the deck even after the huge 35% damage reduction to her ‘regular’ attacks. Besides that, the regular attacks remain more than capable to clear out mobs, and that’s how I always saw her secondary role (For example: Kill Undead Warlord with special, clear the skeletons with auto attacks).

Abomination Heroic Magic Duel

15. Abomination

  • Health: 5,675 -> 10,780 (~90%)
  • Damage: 2,270 -> 1,540 (~32%)

The Abomination got an enormous health boost, alongside a large damage nerf. Well, after this update, I think that Abomination will be used way more often, especially in combination with the Fearless Leader, Rhii’s Healing Wave and Rhii’s Power spells, Alay’na and her Spirit Call spell or some similar combo. In response, we might see an increase of Venom cards present on the battlefield, since he’s now able to quickly take out the Abomination, for the third of the Mana cost (12 vs 4 Mana).

Elite Archers Heroic Magic Duel

16. Elite Archers

  • Health: 305 -> 280 (~8%)
  • Damage: 120 -> 95 (~20%)

Well, the Elite Archers are one of the most used cards, and the reduction to their stats seems justified. This is especially true when we take into the account that the ‘Red Army’ deck (including Elite Archers and Swordsman) is becoming more and more popular. With all that said, I think that Elite Archers will keep their place as one of the most popular cards.


This update mostly focuses on Terrin Rhii and buffs his spells, which is good news since this hero has a lot of cool spells to play around with but they were slightly underpowered. Looks like the main idea was to slightly decrease their cooldown (by 5 seconds), and I totally agree with this decision. After the 1.6 update, we might see Terrin more often, and that’s great because he was one of the most underused heroes before it.

1. Holy Shield

  • Duration: 25 -> 30 seconds

Holy Shield was extremely powerful, especially when used on mobs. With the severe nerfs of most cards with area attack (Alchemist, Fire Imp, Amazon) the cooldown had to be increased to 30 seconds. I think that this is one the most positive aspects of update 1.6, as this was, and still is, one of the most often used spells, that can be very effective (and very annoying) in certain situations.

Healing Wave Heroic Magic Duel

2.  Healing Wave

  • Changed to heal 14 – 35% health per second for 6 seconds – 7 healing waves (before the update the spell was healing the same amount per second, but lasted only 2 seconds with 3 healing waves)

Healing wave was buffed up more than any other spell in the update 1.6. Before the update, the spell would last for 2 seconds, and it would heal 36% health at level 1 up to 90% health at level 10 in total. Now, it lasts for 6 seconds and can heal 98% total health at leve1 and up to 245% health at level 10. That’s huge. This spell is going to be used much more often after the 1.6 update, since it can be extremely useful in combination with powerful, high health minions (especially with Abomination). As a side note, all Terrin Rhii spells have been buffed in this update, so I expect that will now see this her more often on the battlefields.

Chain Lightning

3. Chain Lightning

  • Cooldown: 40 -> 35 seconds
  • Base Damage: 1,450 – 1,500

The main drawback of the Chain Lightning was a long cooldown, now it seems just right, and a slight buff to damage can only make it more popular.

Rhii's Power Heroic Magic Duel

4. Rhii’s Power

  • Cooldown: 35 -> 30 seconds

Just like his other spells, 5 seconds less cooldown is just what was needed in order to make this spell a viable choice.

Vortex Heroic Magic Duel

5. Vortex

  • Cooldown: 35 -> 30 seconds
  • Evolution 1, Slow Duration: 3.0 -> 4.5 seconds
  • Leveling up the spell will now increase the stun duration

Well, I didn’t see any point to leveling up the Vortex before this update. Now, it’s a functional spell, and with a shorter cooldown, it can be used as a true, competitive spell.

Earthquake Heroic Magic Duel

6. Earthquake

  • Cooldown: 45 -> 40 seconds

Even with the 5 seconds reduction, the Earthquake still has one of the longest cooldowns in the game. However, this spell is really powerful, and the 40 seconds seems just right.


With the Heroic Magic Duel update 1.6, we got 5 new minion cards, that are known as The Exiled. Since all of these minions have just been added to the game, I don’t have much firsthand experience with them, so I’ll do a bit of theory craft.

1. Blade Dancer

The new, common 3 Mana minion that, unlike other minions, attacks twice. In this update, Alchemist and the Fire Imp were nerfed and they’re area attack 3 Mana cards… Now we have the Blade Dancer to take up their spot in our decks, since she should be used in almost exactly the same role, and that is mob cleaning.

Crystal Colossus Heroic Magic Duel

2. Crystal Colossus

Crystal Colossus is another new, rare card. It can’t attack enemy minions but will instead push anything in his path until he reaches the enemy base and detonates, dealing huge amounts of damage (well, unless he doesn’t get killed before that). Some fun facts about the Colossus:

  • If two Colossuses (yours and the opponent’s) run into each other in the lane, they will start charging up their crystal, and both will self-destruct after a few seconds, without harming the minions around them
  • Water Elemental can push back the Colossus and can be used to prevent the above-mentioned situation.
  • Valkyrie with her massive damage is probably one of the best counters for this card

Crow Heroic Magic Duel

3. Crow

The Crow is the new epic card brought to us in update 1.6. She has a ranged attack and will dash back and fire her special dart, whenever she’s attacked. This card should be useful against high health, low damage, melee minions, since she will only take one hit before dashing out of range and continuing to shoot on her target.

Revenant Heroic Magic Duel

4. Revenant

Revenant is the new legendary card that came with the update 1.6. The Revenant has the base cost of 1 Mana, but up he will consume all of your available Mana, becoming more powerful with each point you spend on him. I think that this is one of the most versatile cards, as he can be useful from the very start match (his weaker versions), and can be a killing machine if you choose to invest 10 or more mana in his summoning.

Soul Leech Heroic Magic Duel

5. Soul Leech

Soul Leech is another legendary card that came with this update. This card really caught my attention as she becomes more and more powerful every time a friendly minion dies. Because of that, Soul Leech should have a great synergy with cards that spawn multiple minions, like Undead Horde, Undead Raid, Ravenous Scourge, etc. Well, if you build your deck this way, it would be logical to add a Bloodstalker to it, since he also has a great synergy with mobs, and you could even add an Undead Warlord to the mix, that can add up to the numbers with 7 skeletons that are spawned, after he gets destroyed.

We hope you enjoyed reading through our overview of 1.6 update for Heroic Magic Duel. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to post a comment as we greatly appreciate all feedback from our readers. Opinion as changes