HeroVersus: The Legend of Ki Masters

HeroVersus is in open beta for iOS and Android

Fighting games are quite an important part of video game history, and every gaming generation has their own favorite fighting games. Being relatively young, mobile gaming has a short history of fighting games that are developed for that platform. Even in the early days, the developers were bringing the classical fighting games to mobile phones, using virtual controls on the touchscreen. Most of these games worked surprisingly well, and we could play the iterations of the famous fighting franchises like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and King of Fighters.

Of course, the virtual buttons are not the ideal control method in a genre that revolves around precise handling of physical controls. To get around this, the developers launched a fighting sub-genre called “swipe fighters”, which simplified the movement and the combat mechanics two taps and swipes. It worked pretty well in games like Marvel Contest of Champions and Injustice, but the experience was pretty streamlined and condensed. Swipe fighters are without a doubt really fun games which still can get strategic and deep, but they cannot be a replacement for a full-on fighter.

We’ve been wondering for a long time why didn’t anyone try to mix those two mechanics in a fully free movement fighting game, but with swipe-based controls. And someone actually did it. HeroVersus: The Legend of Ki Masters is a new mobile fighting game made by people who want to bring strategic and competitive component in a mobile fighting game, keeping the fun factor intact. And from what we have seen, they passed with flying colors.

HeroVersus: The Legend of Ki Masters

Concerning the controls, there is a virtual joystick that gives you free movement in all directions, including jumps. The really good part is combat controls, which are taking the right side of the screen. When you tap once you will use a single attack, by tapping multiple times you will perform combos, and swiping and holding in any direction will result in advanced attacks. At the bottom of the screen, there are virtual buttons for special moves with cooldowns. The interesting thing is how you can combine all those, you know where that is totally like the traditional fighting games. This is the level of depth that you cannot attain with the run-of-the-mill mobile swipe fighter.

HeroVersus: The Legend of Ki Masters

This game was popularized thanks to professional fighting game competitor Justin Wong, who has been tweeting about the game several times. Right now, the game is in Open Beta, and you can download it from it’s official Discord server. Except for trying out the game, you can join the fighting community and arrange online fights with each other. Yes, this game even has online multiplayer. Hopefully, HeroVersus will grow a significant competitive community. We don’t know when this game will come out, but currently, it’s developing well which new characters in new features being added on regular basis. It is still pretty raw and rough, but the good thing is that Justin Wong himself is helping in tightening the game mechanism embarrassing the characters.

Even in the current state HeroVersus is so much fun that you can overlook its unfinished state. If everything goes well, this might be the game which will revolutionize the mobile fighting genre.