With the 2016 reboot revitalizing the Hitman franchise, it was only a matter of time before the next installment was revealed.

And we finally got it!

Hitman 2 was officially announced on June 7th, with the release trailer giving us some great insight on the future of the series.

If you ever played a Hitman game you would know exactly what to expect from this. Hitman has always been about stealth and execution. Critical thinking, getting into situations that help you assassinate the target without being seen, utilizing disguises, sneaking and checking your surroundings are vital parts of a Hitman game.

The reveal was received as a success, with the announcement trailer capturing the hitman experience greatly, showing the minutia of being a paid assassin and providing fans with exciting new prospects.

In this game you play as, you guessed it, Agent 47, the notable assassin who works for the ICU (International Contract Agency), a global conglomerate of agents that get paid to “take care” of people for rich and powerful customers. As you do your job you learn about your own story and the stories of the people you are paid to take out.

“HITMAN 2 allows players to take on the role of the masterful Agent 47, and embark on a mission to hunt the elusive Shadow Client and unravel his militia once and for all. However, when 47 learns the hidden truth about his past, nothing will ever be the same.”

Hitman 2, like most previous games, takes place in a mix of international locations, including a motorsport race in Miami, with 6 new sandbox locations that provide endless opportunities to express your creativity using the most effective and efficient ways to do the job, the interactable environment and your planning skills will determine the missions outcome.

It seems IO interactive took criticism from the community seriously and decided to give the community what they want, with the fan favorite from past games Rifle Case returning in this installment of the franchise, but now you can carry any rifle inside it, not just sniper rifles.

The seemingly most interesting addition is the new standalone online co-op mode, you heard it right, you can snipe targets with your friends now, hilarity and rage is ensured.

In this mode you are given the task of eliminating three targets, unlike the last sniper challenge there is a backstory for the targets, which is presented in short by your handler,  Diana.

You can get early access to the online co-op mode right now with the pre-order of Hitman 2.

The Game director, Jacob Mikkelsen came over to the E3 PC gaming show to give a small presentation, where he talked about the new features in the game such as there being up to 2000 people in a scene, new mechanics such as being able to hide in the crowd when you have been found out, and the ability to track where important characters are on the map while being somewhere else, making it easier to set up traps and keep your sight on the target.

Some features from the previous game return as well, with escalation contracts where difficulty ramps up over time, elusive targets which you get one chance at finishing, along with challenge packs that make a return as well. Hopefully, we’ll see what other new features are being added in the near future as more gameplay trailers get released.

The release hasn’t been received with as wide of an acclaim, there have been complaints about the business model.

Unlike its predecessor, where Io Interactive tried doing the episodic experience, Hitman 2 is a buy once game. Here you have a choice between a couple different versions of the game, each coming with different amounts of content.

Standard edition – you get the base game and the sniper assassin mode.

Silver edition – includes all of the previously mentioned with the addition of the first expansion which has new missions, locations, outfits and weapons, and the Executive pack which has the exclusive  ICA 19 Blackballer pistol.

Gold edition – includes all of the previously mentioned, along with the 2nd expansion as well and you get to play the game four days early.

Collector’s edition – includes all of the previously mentioned, along with the concussive rubber duck, midnight black suit as in-game content, an exclusive Steelcase and a replica Agent 47 gun case with the bullet keyring, a Hitman rubber duck, and a signature coin inside it.

A new challenge?

Although IO interactive claimed the Hitman reboot as a commercial success, Square Enix seemed dissatisfied with the performance, with the Square Enix President & CEO Yosuke Matsuda saying that the expectations were not met and that they were simply unable to invest sufficiently in the Hitman franchise. With this being the first game since blood money and the departure of Square Enix, there have been doubts.

Many consider this as a positive change with the idea that the game will return to its origins as more of a sandbox and less linear and somewhat streamlined experience like Absolution was.

If the last Hitman game is any indication, that probably is the case. Even with Warner Bros. Interactive being the publisher, the development team seemed to have a lot more control over the product.

As a fan of the Hitman franchise I hope that this game is going to improve on the aspects of the previous games, but still retain the true Hitman feeling we’ve come to love over the past years.

Hitman 2 comes out on November 13th and you can pre-order it right now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.