Hoppia Tale Review

Hoppia Tale Review

Hoppia Tale video game is a Zelda-inspired, swipe-controlled action role-play adventure game, which strives to raise awareness about the animal kingdom and how important they are in the world. Of course, in this game, the animals fight evil forces of fantastic proportions, but the same can be said in real life often. The game offers some interesting and exciting combinations of fast-paced gameplay with puzzle-solving on the go and mixes several familiar experiences producing an interesting combination.

Development and reception

The game is developed and published by Lucid Side studio, which has drawn the inspiration from several cult-favorite games like the old school Zelda games and similar. On Google Play, Hoppia Tale has a 4.6-star rating so far out of around 2,5k votes. On the App Store, it scored higher with 4.8-stars, but the voting sample is under 1k and still too small to be considered relevant. The game was offered in its early access phase though, which still gives the ratings significant credibility.


The Hoppia land has been engulfed in chaos after a scientific discovery enabled ancient portals, left by a civilization long gone, to work once again. Through the tear in space and time come evil forces that use the tech to conquer worlds. The players must figure out the puzzles and intricacies of this ancient tech as well and reverse the effects, but to do so they must traverse the alternative dimensions and worlds in search of answers, hopefully defeating the invading forces.


Much like Zelda’s older titles, this game is a top-down action-adventure where RPG elements play an important part. Naturally, every mentioned aspect has been developed greatly compared to the old school ‘90s, but the game does appear and bares the spirit of the oldies. Bomberman is also a good example to give to describe how the gameplay mechanics work here.

Hoppia Tale controls are tailored for mobile play, with the game offering the player a choice of the swipe method, or you may also switch to arrows and D-pad if you wish. Swiping is also quite well-done in a sense that you swipe the bottom portion of the screen to control in which direction your character will hop, which is where the game gets its name.

Every stage i.e. world or dimension is divided into tiles and the player-controlled character hops from tile to tile, solving puzzles and making the ancient technology work for you and not for the enemy. However, things get pretty hectic quickly as the enemy forces will also hinder your advance and attack you, adding a touch of a fast-paced adventure to the gameplay. As you defeat enemies, you also collect various in-game currencies, evolve your character, and master the ancient technology of gateways.

Boss fights present a specific high point of the game, as all bosses have their mechanics to master and provide the player with high challenge and high reward by default. This game is quite challenging in its basic mode, and there is also an option to increase difficulty.


Hoppia Tale looks deceptively simple and low-key, but like the old Zelda games it will quickly lock you in once you give it a shot. At first glance, the game’s simple models and minimalistic modeling will make it appear as a children’s passtime, but just a little bit into the game and you’ll find that it offers vast content and very intricate gameplay. All in all, it uses its limited mobile device visuals capability to do its best to present a comprehensive environment and match the gameplay responsively.


Hoppia Tale is much more than it meets the eye. The game has high scores on both iOS and Android stores, which it gained during its soft launch phase, meaning they are legit. It may not look much at first glance, but it is a highly rewarding experience once you give it a shot. It will reel you in with its vast and alluring content and it will delight anyone with how it uses so little to give back so much in terms of gameplay.