The Future Looks a lot Brighter… Pixelated, but Brighter!

On Friday, the 18th of September, 2020, Hound Picked Games studio brought their plan for 2021 to the light of day. And, it includes several new titles, many of which are actually sequels to many loved titles, like there sequel for NAIRI: Tower of Shirin!

Well, that sequel is coming (titled NAIRI: Rising Tide) along with some more awesome pixelated adventures that those who have a sweet tooth for squared graphics are definitely going to enjoy, and it all coming to Nintendo Switch or more platforms. In our opinion, this move represents the pinnacle of the trend that’s been going around in the past few years of reviving old but gold classical games on the handheld console.

Hound Picked Games titles for Nintendo Switch coming in 2021:

  • Sunshine Manor
  • NAIRI: Rising Tide
  • Astral Equilibrium
  • Mystiqa

The director at the studio, Mr. Dan Muir, sent this personal message to all the gamers looking forward to the releases:

“We’re pleased to announce the Hound Picked titles releasing in 2021. A true showcase and roster of excellent and varied genres, along with an Nintendo Switch console exclusive reveal of NAIRI: The Rising Tide and prequel to the cult horror RPG smash hit, Camp Sunshine – Sunshine Manor that’s set to release on all major platforms. There will also be more titles coming from out kennels, so please keep tabs on Hound Picked games on social media!”

NAIRI: Rising Tide

This game is coming to PC via Steam and also to Nintendo Switch in 2021!

nairi rising tide

As mentioned, the game is a direct sequel to the HomeBearStudio’s previous game, NAIRI: Tower of Shirin. This is a point-and-click adventure, and the Rising Tide continues directly where the first title left off, story-vise. Our hero, Nairi, continues her journey and meets unlikely allies, who all agree to help her in saving her family.

In the sequel, she leaves the Tower of Shirin and the grimy slums behind, so she takes on a whole new adventure and meets many new characters, while some old will be making a comeback. However, everything hangs in the balance with the apocalyptic prophecy being revealed to be a real threat to everything.

Sunshine Manor

Yes, this is the prequel to the cult-favorite Camp Sunshine game…

sunshine manor

Yes, this is the prequel to the cult-favorite Camp Sunshine game and it is coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and PlayStation (the latest consoles). It is a horror adventure worth our while for sure, as it draws much from the horror movies and phenomenon of the ‘80s.

We play as Ada, an innocent little girl with spectacles, up against darkness itself. Terror, traps, demons, and all kinds of monstrosities all lurk inside the very poorely named Sunshine Manor, where Ada is trapped and needs to escape. The game brings puzzles along with heart-stopping surprises and it is not for the easily frightened.


Mystiqa is also coming in 2021, Q1 more accurately.


The game is a fantasy action RPG inspired by games like Zelda, Dragons, Final Fantasy Adventure, and other similar hits. It is developed by one guy, Julian Creutz, and it is coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox Series X.

The game also picks up modern mechanics, like from titles like Dark Souls. It is set in a procedural world, meaning everything is randomly generated and no two adventures are the same. It has rich details, various challenges, and features old school golden pixel art. The characters in Mystiqa will bring hybrid RPG paths of character development, while the game will always offer a unique gameplay experience, for each new player.

Astral Equilibrium

It is the sequel, set two decades after Kjan and Elendel saved the universe in the first title.

Astral Equilibrium

The fans of the Game Boy Advance game called Kien will be delighted to know that Astral Equilibrium is the sequel, set two decades after Kjan and Elendel saved the universe in the first title. However, the shadows never stopped swallowing the light and their mentor wakes up our heroes again for the Astral Equilibrium is in danger.

This is a game that again has quite the diversive gameplay style for each player, as you grow character abilities and choose one of the numerous paths of development. Everything happens in several elemental planes, as this fast-paced RPG action game was built with the help of the creators of the original title. It is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in 2021.