Fortnite Battle Royale mobile is boosting Fortnite’s already epic popularity status, as expected. It seems that it is all people are talking about these days, and everybody is either playing it or has someone close to them who plays it. Now, usually it’s the parents that are flooding the internet with please and rants about how their kids are spending money on Fortnite, but you might also know a pathological spender or two.

Here’s how you can help


      • Open settings, go to General, and click on Restrictions
      • Enable Restrictions and enter the Restriction password (a unique one)
      • Disallow In-App Purchases for Fortnite
      • If you are using Family Sharing and if your kid is over 13, you can let purchase requests be made via Ask to Buy

Microsoft Store

      • Select your account profile icon next to the search box, and then choose Settings.
      • Under Purchase Sign-In, turn off “Streamline my purchase experience.” Doing so will make sure users are asked for a password every time they want to buy something.

PlayStation 4

      • You can create an account for your kid and set e monthly spending limit to zero (default)

Xbox One

      • Create a passkey to prevent unauthorized purchases and require it for making purchases.
      • Don’t put credit card information in your kid’s account. If you want to let your kid buy a few things, you can buy them an Xbox gift card.
      • Make sure you sign out every time you use the console if you are sharing it with your kid.

And there you have it. If you want to control your kids or other loved ones from spending too much money on Fortnite, there are options. But, be careful when you play Fortnite yourself, because the game will live up to its reputation! Just kidding! Fortnite Battle Royale mobile is an insanely fun game everyone can enjoy without spending a dime. The game is also free to play, so go ahead and enjoy!