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HTC Presented Vive Cosmos VR Controller in a New Video

Vive Cosmos came into focus more than a month ago when HTC presented their product at CES. And a couple of days ago, HTC Vive posted on its Twitter account a short video which showed off what can we expect from this VR device.

Based on this 23-second video, the controller uses lights to track your movements as well as flicks of your wrists. Joystick and buttons will be both more ergonomic so you will feel more comfortable when using them especially when it comes to fingers and thumbs.

Many have noticed that Vive Cosmos and Oculus Touch controllers have similar loop design. However, the difference is that joystick and buttons are not on the same sides, but actually on opposite ones. Namely, you hold Oculus Touch so that your thumb is placed on the top where the buttons are located. On the other hand, Vive Cosmos buttons are inside the loop so this feature makes the way you hold it quite different than Oculus Touch.

vive cosmos

Thanks to their presentation at CES, we know that it will not be a standalone system like HTC Vive Focus was. Vive Cosmos will need a processing source to work just like Vive and Vive Pro did. And during the presentation, HTC suggested it will be able to run on a PC or smartphone and not on only one of those two. This VR device will come with two front and two side cameras, and it will also use two motion-tracking controllers.   

The release date for Vive Cosmos is still unknown, as well as the price which are the two things consumers would really like to know. Vive Focus which was launch in November last year costs around $600 but making the assumption that Vive Cosmos will cost the same or more wouldn’t be accurate. After all, Vive Focus was more intended for businesses than the everyday consumer.   

However, there will be more news about Vive Cosmos and we hope that HTC will soon reveal the release date and the price for this VR device.