Huawei P40 - what to expect

Huawei P40 – What to expect

It’s been a while ever since next Huawei’s flagship phone was announced, and there was a lot of talk about it. Mainly, the reason for this was the trade ban imposed upon this Chinese tech giant by the USA, one we called Phone Wars. Because of this ban, Huawei was forced to remove all Google services from their future smartphones, which raised a lot of questions. As it turned out, this ban limited the capabilities of the upcoming Huawei phones quite a lot, and tech aficionados from all around the world are wondering if this could potentially spell the end of Huawei on the western market. Well, this Chinese giant is not giving up yet…

Apparently, their latest flagship phone, P40 is supposed to launch in Q1 2020, most likely in March, but everyone is still wondering if purchasing it would be a smart move. As far as raw power goes, Huawei’s previous flagship, P30 was pretty much on-par with Samsung Galaxy S10, so we expect P40 to deliver even better performance. One notable difference was the camera. As a tradition, Huawei phones were pretty much a go-to when it came to camera quality, and P40 will undoubtedly continue this tradition. As for the price, it is safe to assume that P40 will be a bit pricier than its predecessor P30, which launched at around $900 price range for a regular one, and $1140 for P30 Pro. 

Huawei P40

One thing, however, is quite certain. Neither P40 nor P40 Pro will launch in the US. Still, it remains to be seen how much will the lack of Google services affect these models. While many tech experts predict that this is a major flaw and will heavily influence the sales numbers, there are still others who claim this is merely a setback, and that Huawei’s new models will deliver everything they promised.