Huawei Sold over 200 Million Phones in 2018

We all remember when Huawei changed their forecast in August from 180 million shipments to 200 million, which many saw as the company being too optimistic. After all, the smartphone market is pretty tough and highly competitive, so many may consider stating something this bold as being foolish. But, Huawei actually delivered what it promised which the company confirmed at the beginning of December stating that by Christmas it will make good on its promise.

And today, Huawei confirmed that it shipped more than 200 million smartphones which not only tells a lot about this company’s success but also that it doesn’t seem to make idle promises.

This impressive sale is the new record for the company and it has to thank P20, Mate 20 and, of course, Honor 10 devices for that. Additionally, the company achieved all this without the help from the US market since its smartphones are very popular in China and Europe, but simply didn’t take in North America due to anti-Chinese propaganda.

“In the global smartphone market, Huawei has gone from being dismissed as a statistical ‘other’ to ranking among the Top 3 players in the world,” said Huawei in a statement.

And this success is something truly astonishing if we take into account that in 2010 the company sold 3 million devices, while last year it reached 153 million. This year, it sold 50 million more devices which is a significant success and a fact that it knocked off Apple from the second place of the world’s largest phone vendor list truly speaks that the company is in the global big leagues now.


Huawei also pointed out that currently, half a billion people in more than 170 countries use its smartphones. And it also seems that in 2019, the company will go for the title of the world’s largest phone vendor and dethrone Samsung in the process.

But Apple and Samsung already have their new smartphones announced for 2019, which will certainly make this battle quite challenging for Huawei. But since the company was able to pull off unimaginable in only eight years, it’s safe to say it has a pretty good chance at reaching number 1 spot next year.