Identity V Tips And Tricks

Identity V Tips and Tricks

Currently, NetEase is famous as a studio that teamed up with Blizzard to bring mobile title Diablo Immortal to life. But before this project, NetEase developed a game that has Coraline-like characters and killer clowns with just enough of Lovecraftian atmosphere to get you the jitters. But the game is far from simple or easy, and some tips and tricks are more than welcomed to get through it. After all, this is a hide & seek game that will keep you on edge of your seat while you play it, but also you may need help to escape the Hunter on your heels.

Identity V is an asymmetrical survival horror game with a gothic art and 1vs4 gameplay. The players start the game as a private detective Orpheus who is investigating the case of a missing girl. Led by a mysterious letter, Orpheus arrives at an abandoned manor and starts unraveling horrifying secrets. But whenever he encounters a clue, the game is transferred to a different plane where four kid survivors are chased by one creepy hunter. Since the hunter is always chasing you, you need to find ways to buy enough time in order to escape which is not so easy. However, with the following tips and tricks, you will have an easier time to do so.

Go through tutorials before playing online

Tutorials are usually considered boring and people can’t wait to jump into real gameplay. However, even when you think that you figured it all out and want to cut the tutorials short – don’t. Well, at least in the case of Identity V. The chapters at the beginning of the game when you investigate the mansion are there to show you how to get by in the gameplay. They are mandatory so put in an effort to finish them with full attention since you can’t finish them early. When you complete Memory 1-10, you will get an opportunity to play some quick matches online. But, although tempting, don’t engage with other players yet and keep on learning.

Now, if you need some extra tutorials, go to the right of the Quick Match option and tap on the Tutorial tab. You will find there extra missions for the Survivor and Hunter and we advise you to take both. It will help you understand how the game mechanics work and also help you gather extra Clues.

Identity V Tips and Tricks

Pay attention to audio

Now, granted, audio is what makes horror genre even scarier so you might be compelled to turn down the volume. However, don’t do that and even use headphones if necessary since it will help you get through the game smoothly. Namely, when you play as a survivor or hunter, you need to concentrate on the sounds the opponent might be making. And paying attention to the sounds around you may be crucial for your gameplay and progression.

As a survivor who is in at the cipher machine and decoding, the should listen carefully to the audio cue which will let you know that decoding process meter is ready to pop up. By stopping the needle in the right spot you will speed things up and give hunter less chance to get you.

However, if you play as a hunter, the sounds will help you figure out where everyone is, as well as who to chase first. Use the listenability from the beginning of the match and soon enough a survivor will make too much noise and tell you their position. During their attempts at the cipher machine, survivors will make a loud noise with every error so you will easily detect their location and be able to catch them.   

Ways to be the best survivor

During the game, you will unlock new survivors and each one has External Traits which you need to get the hang of during matches. However, avoid using Lucky Guy since that survivor is pretty useless and will only downgrade your gameplay. Instead, choose the ones that fit the way you want to play the game. That said, you must know which playstyle is actually your forte. For example, if you are good at healing, you should choose a Doctor, or if you find it easier to take on a hunter, then Frontline is a way to go.

Here are the characters you will unlock during the gameplay overtime: Explorer, Frontline, Doctor, Priest, Thief, Huckster, Lucky Guy, Coordinator, Gardener, Mechanic, Huckster, Mercenary, Lawyer and Mind’s Eye.

During the match, it’s always wiser to stay in the vicinity of another player since you can provide help in decoding and speed up the process. It’s even advisable to play the game in team of two since not only will you decode cipher machines faster but also heal the other player if things get rough. And vice versa, of course.

Ways to be the best hunter

You may think that being a hunter is easier since you look so big and scary, but it also has its perks and disadvantages. First of all, listen to your surroundings. As I said before, sounds will help the hunter greatly right from the start to locate a survivor and start the chase. Additionally, listening will help you to know when survivors are close to escape, as well as to tell you when the time is running out.


Identity V Guide

Now, the best and most devious advice I can give you is to be sneaky. This means that you should find a cipher machine and hide nearby. Thus, when survivors show up to decode it, you can just jump on them and surprise them. Terror Shock attack is quite a powerful move to land on a survivor enthralled in an activity like decoding and will give you an advantage.

Once you find a survivor, never stop the chase. Be relentless and go after them until you catch them. Don’t change focus and go after another one, since that will probably get you to lose both and give them an opportunity to escape. Again, use the element of surprise to your advantage. For example, if you locked a survivor into a rocket chair find a hiding spot and wait for another one to come to the rescue. That way you can jump scare them and even catch them if they get rattled about it. The best strategy is to use Terror Shock attack on that survivor which will incapacitate them until the trapped one is out of the game. Then, trap that terror shocked survivor in the rocket chair and wait for their buddies to come to the rescue.

Familiarize with Persona Web and choose the best talents for your survivors and hunters

When you unlock the Persona Web, it will give you an opportunity to add additional Talents to your characters. Usually, survivor talents include Bravery and Persistence, among other things. Hunters have a more roughed up range like Deceit and Vigilance. In order to improve your gameplay, you need to choose the talents which suit your own style for all your characters. You will also be able to play hunters like Hell Ember, The Ripper, Game Keeper and Smiley Face, each with a unique talent (and creepiness level).

Identity V Tips and Tricks

For all of you there wondering what happens when an ability gets locked again, don’t worry – your points will be safe meaning you will get them back. Thus, you can put them to good use somewhere else, like in a new ability that will be useful. Make sure you buy talents that will be compatible with your style of playing.

However, if you choose wrong, you can always switch it and re-lock a talent. This is actually pretty useful option Identity V offers so don’t hold back and use it. If there are talents that can help you perform tasks faster then consider those first, as well as those that will help hunters be more alert.

In the end

Every game has its own secrets that players need to find and use for their gain. It will take time, patience and some strategizing, but it will pay off in the end. This is especially important with multiplayer games like Identity V where everything depends on how well you play with or against others. So, pay close attention to tutorials and don’t rush yourself. In no time, you will be able to master the game mechanics and have fun playing while your name is going up that leaderboard.