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Idle Devils early access first impressions

Idle Devils is proudly presented by All9Fun as an interesting concept, both in the gameplay approach and the devil style. It is a 3D idle RPG that features humans, elves, demons, devils, and the undead even, and it promises unique combat.

All9Fun is of course the well-known game developing studio credited for Sins Raid, Heroes of Light, and many more successful titles. Idle Devils is their latest creation and it is published by CubeMagicLimited, who in the past only worked on titles for the Asian market. This is their first jab at the global market, so ambition is not lacking.

The Idle Devils release date was on September 4, 2020, and it is currently only designated for Android, as mentioned, in early access. It is a PEGI 7 game, with mild violence, and already with several thousand installs. The developers are welcoming all feedback.

idle devils


While idle games in general tend to create this atmosphere of strategic calculations and planning, Idle Devils goes a bit further in it. You truly feel like a team manager during a live match, but instead of players, you manage fantastic creatures, demons, and the likes as they roam through the stages. This is mainly due to the way combat is handled.

idle devils


In the idle genre, combat is usually divided into round, short, or longer, but in Idle Devils, combat is virtually nonstop. Your team roams through the stage you’re currently in without stopping, killing enemies as they go. While they work, you really act like their manager or trainer. The player is there to tap the “boss battle” button, once available, which will not stop the flow of the stage but only bring your team to a boss fight, which is a part of the stage.,

You also manage team members on the go, gear, stats, levels, summoning, and everything. Yes, you literally summon new characters on the go, while your team is roaming through the stage, and you can use them immediately, putting the summoned monster in the team.

However, there are things you do outside of combat or stage. You manage your account for one, but you also manage resources and all other things, many of them available in and out of combat the same. The UI is quite standard compared to other RPGs. There are things like shops, the tavern, summoning Altar, guild, etc…

idle devils


Idle Devils is somewhere in the middle as far as current trends go. The game does use fantastic creatures with detailed models and animations, but they are somewhat scaled-down. Using biblical monsters and fantastic creatures also give the game a unique visual style, compared to anime creatures which are the usual standard.

idle devils

Tech Compatibility

Thanks to the models and the animations being scaled-down, this game can run on my Smartphone without much trouble. I have 3GB of RAM and Adreno 505, and the game does sometimes get sluggish. I feel the whole experience would be much smoother if my phone was a bit stronger, but it is playable.

idle devils

Free-to-play Friendly

There are all of the hallmarks of the genre mix, including hero upgrades, rarity, statistics, alliances, and more. The game also has numerous resources probably more than I could count, with gold, gems, crystals, puzzle pieces, cards, etc… Rewards from various activities in the game do shower you in these, but I don’t know if there ever comes a point where you need to spend real money to progress.

idle devils


For people who love JRPGs, but with idle combat, this is worth a try. The greatest feature Idle Devils offer is that you assume the managerial position of your team. While other idle games make you wait and watch while your team fights, only occasionally activating some special skill perhaps, here you are completely busy with several activities, equal to doing combat. It is definitely worth a try.