Games that deserve a sequel

If you could choose a game sequel what would it be?

As a die-hard gamer, you have dozens and dozens – dare I say hundreds? – of different games under your belt. You’ve spent a countless hours pursuing your favorite pastime, exploring fantastic worlds, adventuring across the galaxies, cracking riddles and solving mysteries, detangling webs of diabolical intrigues and political conspiracies, with just a sawed-off shotgun you’ve dispatched legions of enemies hell-bent on destroying the Earth, you’ve jumped across floating platforms like a greased lightning, sailed seven seas with your undead pirate crew and did many more exciting, remarkable and deeply fascinating things like a true gaming hero you are.

Some of those myriad titles you had the chance to sample had simply passed unnoticed without leaving a noteworthy mark, provoking only passing interest and vanished from your memory as soon as you’ve finished with them. However, there are always those special games which make this hobby so worthwhile and meaningful: titles so great that you always keep returning to them, legendary games which had managed to make a lasting impression on you and strike a special inner chord with their poignant narrative, rich visuals, great gameplay or complex characters.


Often the games we like the most are the very games that have been ended prematurely. Or, at the very least, we feel that developers had intentional left something unsaid, with a loose end or a two tantalizingly left dangling within our eyesight with a promise of a sequel which unfortunately will never arrive. Games are complex things and, just like in the movies, in their production are often invested lots of money, skill and time. That’s why the success of some title – and creation of its potential sequel – are influenced by many factors, not only by sheer quality and awesomeness. Many games merit a sequel, which, for this reason of or that, will unfortunately never see the light of day. That’s why one of the more common questions you can hear among gamers is that famous “If you could choose a game sequel, what would it be”?

Vampire The Masquerade

Of course, that’s a highly individual question which depends on your tastes and genre preferences. Let me give you a hint. As a primarily RPG gamer myself (with occasional forays in P&C and action adventure genres), I don’t know what I wouldn’t give for a sequel to Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords. KOTOR 2 was a work of Chris Avellone and Obsidian Entertainment and was (in my humble opinion), as far as the story was concerned, a game far superior to most others from a Star Wars universe. Yet, it ended with one of the most tantalizing cliffhangers in the history of video games. After almost 15 years from its release, I’m still wondering what would happen next, so that’s obviously one of my main candidates for a sequel. I would also very much like to see a sequel for Vampire the Masquerade – Bloodlines (a phenomenal game in every respect, except for the rushed ending), Sam and Max Hit the Road, as well as many, many others.

So, those were some of the games I would dearly like to see continued with a sequel. But, what are your choices? If you personally could choose a game sequel what would it be? What tickles your imagination? Do you have unfinished business with some particular game? Tell us in the comment section below.