Golf King World Tour

If you like golf, don’t miss out on Golf King – World Tour

Golf King – World Tour is a sports sim brought to us by PNIX, a small but powerful video game production company which is behind such titles as Castle Burn – RTS Revolution, BOWMAX, and other small but fun games.  Their latest title is conquering both iOS and Android devices with the game getting an overly positive reception, just days after it launched. Now, if you like sports sims and you like gold, this might just be the ultimate title currently.

At the very least, this title can teach you a lot about golf rules and golf in general, as it is incepted as a quite faithful simulation of the sport. Besides playing golf, which includes an in-depth approach to the physics of the game, it also includes other interesting features, like choosing equipment, golf club types, and all sorts of details. The snappy gameplay of this free-to-play title is already reaping quite positive reviews on both platforms, as mentioned,

On Google Play, Golf King – World Tour Android has a 4.4-star rating from just under 3k votes. On the iTunes App Store, this sports sim jewel also holds at 4,4 stars out of over 1k ratings and it has currently risen to #59 in the sports category. However, it is one of the top Multiplayer Real Golf games already. The studio behind this edition also worked on Mini Golf King, which was critically acclaimed as a super fun mini sports game.

Golf King World Tour

Unlike mini golf, this game now comes with a real-time 1v1 action, realistic matches, courses, and physics. Furthermore, the visuals are stunning, much improved upon the predecessor of the competitive titles of the genre. And, what’s most important, it includes customizable characters and an intuitive control scheme, perfectly adapted for mobile devices.

Key Features include:

  • PVP Golf Duels where you compete against star golfers from every corner of the world
  • Easy and Simple control scheme with swipe and release functions for hitting the ball
  • Variety of realistic 3D courses
  • Trophies and top stages
  • Rewards, packs, and other goodies for upgrading golf clubs or getting new ones
  • An in-depth gear outlook, including drivers, woods, long irons, short irons, wedges, putters, and sand wedges
  • Customizable character cosmetics, including clubhouse and caddie
  • Weekly Leagues with promo rewards and card bonuses
  • Ranked multiplayer league
  • Coin rush special reward mode
  • Gift send and request feature

Golf King World Tour

Golf King – World Tour release date was just days ago, after a month of pre-register period, so leaderboards and tournaments are just beginning, and the players are just mastering their skill, which means now is the time to enter competitively. Also, if you like a casual sports sim, this is the title to try out definitely. It is free to play and available for Android and iOS right now!