Pascals Wager Mobile Upcoming Game

If you liked the Bloodborne don’t miss out to register for the Pascals Wager

Admittedly, the mobile gaming industry and mobile phones had made tremendous progress in the last couple of years, quickly maturing from simple devices capable of running only unassuming casual games to pocket-sized supercomputers with AAA titles which can easily match creations existing on other established gaming platforms. However, despite all that prodigious progress, an abundance of high-quality games in all possible genres and previously unimaginable degree of technical level, mobile gaming is sadly still somewhat lagging in some areas. Fans of hardcore ARPGs such as famous Bloodborne and Dark Souls had so far been deprived for the mobile version of these smash hits, or, at the very least, some new title which could compare with these two legends.

Thankfully, this vacancy might soon be filled by Pascals Wager, a title by a veteran independent Chinese developer called TipsWorks which bravely attempts to assume the mantle of mobile Bloodborne. This ambitious mobile title had been announced last year in August (it created quite a stir quite on 2018 E3), and from that time it was continuously on the radar of mobile ARPG gamers for the simple reason that it looks and feels simply phenomenally. Judging from what we had the opportunity so far, Pascals Wager features an inventive combat system with several distinct playable characters, awesome graphics style with dark and gritty aesthetics which clearly pays an homage to Bloodborne and Dark Souls, but also with the noticeable hint of Witcher 3, especially in the design of the main male character. And, oh…have we failed to mention that this exciting AAA title is coming exclusively for mobile platforms?

Pascals Wager Hero Terrence

Although we still don’t know too much about the particulars of the plot, the basic premise is quite intriguing. The game takes place in the world whose sun has somehow been submerged into the sea, which not only enshrouded the entire world in the perpetual darkness but also mists, fogs and noxious evaporations. All that in combination had drawn many foul creatures from their lairs, and left the mankind in the constant struggle for bare survival. In addition to the awesome visual presentation and what seems to be genuinely exciting storyline which offers a great deal of space for many dark surprises and twists, the gameplay itself promises to be remarkably engaging, with few rather unique features. According to the official site of the game, there are currently two playable characters which are also showcased in the trailers and promotional materials for the game, with perhaps even more to come. The first one is Terrence, a grizzled veteran fighter in the desperate search of his lost wife and Viola, a mysterious young woman he rescued which boasts an unusual combat proficiency. What’s particularly exciting is that the game will allow you to switch between these playable characters, which will enable you to use character best suited for a particular task (i.e. overcoming some especially tricky boss fight) and automatically gives the game a considerable strategic scope.  

 In addition to this, you can expect many ingeniously designed creatures with grotesque Lovecraftian vibe (of course, mild anime influences are also mandatory), a huge arsenal of close-combat and ranged weapons, as well as rich skill tree with many useful and devastating skills. However, we’ve left the best bit for the end. Unlike some other games we won’t mention, which require from gamers to preorder them or basically jump through hoops in a variety of other ways just to gain the right to the early access, here if you want to register for beta, you just have to provide a valid email address on the official site of Pascals Wager. The game should be released sometime during 2019, and it already boasts more than 300 000 reservations in China alone, which is ample proof that we can finally expect a worthy mobile stand-in for Bloodborne, Dark Souls and similar titles.