New Deal between Intel and ESL

Intel and ESL Signed a New $100 Million Deal

Another great news comes for all the esports fans out there. Namely, Intel and ESL have extended their partnership in order to reach a wider esports audience on a global level. As the said in the statement, two companies plan to invest $100 million in the next three-year period in order to develop resources to expand esports in the future. This is the biggest partnership in the history of esports which will help create groundbreaking technology and improve tournaments and events.

The idea is to use combined strengths from both companies and develop a better experience for players in an industry that is close to billion-dollar profit margin. Besides the Intel Extreme Masters which will get its Season 14, this partnership will also include the CS:GO Pro League and ESL One powered by Intel support. And all this besides the $1 million that will be invested in the Intel Grand Slam. Additionally, this strategy is also to include new regions to introduce esports and organize events that will be the main support and means to gather the audience.

3 year Contract Signed By Intel And ESL

“ESL and Intel have worked side by side on growing esports for nearly two decades,” said ESL Founder and Co-CEO Ralf Reichert. “We built a number of cornerstones of this industry together and helped many gamers in becoming legends of the sport. The long-term extended partnership with Intel opens even more opportunities for us to take our efforts to a whole different level on a global scale.”

But the deal includes more than just high-profile events. Being a giant in the technology development, Intel will also work on solutions that will improve the esports experience with i9 and Xeon processors for ESL production. Intel and ESL believe that the partnership will bring the evolution of esports through groundbreaking technological solutions which are concentrated on the players.

This partnership is the oldest in the industry with almost two decades of cooperation between the two companies. Intel Extreme Masters they work on together has had 73 series without any interruptions and across five continents. In 2019, the partnership will celebrate 75th Intel Extreme Masters in Sydney which is a huge and important milestone for the partners.