iOS Games Retrospective of 2018

Apple is undoubtedly one of the most important cogs in our society today. This 2018 marked the 10th anniversary of the App Store, although the iPhone was already a year old (it was released in 2007) it was the App store that shifted the entire market in the direction its moving today. This undoubtedly strong momentum was achieved with the introduction of some 500 Apps on July 10th, 2008, when the App Store was officially opened for the first time and wasn’t closed since.

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Is it the Apple in The Garden?

The Apple Inc. was, of course, founded much earlier, in 1976 to be exact. Its founders are Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. There was much speculation over the years on why they chose the name ‘Apple’. Some thought it was to escape the cold, dead prerogative of the informatics and computers, and have a more colorful, natural image. Others thought it was because of the Beatles’ record label, which is called Apple Records. And, there were people who even speculated it was because Jobs and Wozniak wanted Apple to be the first IT firm in the dictionary, before Atari.

In Steve Jobs biography book, it was revealed that Steve just came back from an apple farm in Oregon, because he was apparently on a fruitarian diet at the time. And, while Wozniak was driving him from the airport Steve suggested the name Apple, simply because it sounded fun.

iPhone 10th Anniversary

The anniversary Apple iPhone X probably needs little introduction, as the whole world was undoubtedly introduced to its full array of specifications and tweaks. According to some, iPhone X or iPhone 10 even marked a new dawn for Apple smartphones. New dawn free of the Home Key button and with other radical changes, all courtesy of Tim Cook.

The device also brought with it a Face ID, Fingerprint scanner, portrait mode, force press, was made of glass entirely and had a notch. It undoubtedly got all the best Apple has to offer at this moment and represents the peak of smartphone technology. Its launch was followed by almost controversial reports about its selling status. Some sources claimed it sold like hot cakes, others denied this… Apple sold over 229 Million iPhones in 2017, which was the best-selling year so far.

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App Store’s 10th birthday

As mentioned, the App Store started with 500 Apps in 2008, and today it reaches 155 countries worldwide and countless users and offers over 2 million apps. This year, they opened their doors wide for Developers and even gave the users a new, better experience. Apple especially received high praise from Nintendo’s representative director, Shigeru Miyamoto. Candy Crush creator also thanked Apple publically for their 5 year-long business relationship, and many other mainstream games’ developers remained onboard, with more coming every year.

iOS Games in 2018

As smartphones all over the market grew in capability, so did the iPhone, but this year, in particular, was also marked by many retro-style games. Many old school games from Nintendo, Sega, and other developers were brought to our hands, while new ones with retro visuals and appearance also saw the light of day. The list we comprised was regardless of if the game is FTP or paid, but we naturally tried to keep the cost down. And, the order is irrelevant.

Fortnite for iOS is every bit as successful as for every other device, with the game being ported perfectly, keeping most of its content and features, having the same great cartoonish appearance, and being quite playable. Naturally, porting games such as these on a mobile device does beg the question of the controlling method, so auto aim and some other helping tools and mechanics were included.

PUBG on iOS came about the same time as Fortnite, naturally to satisfy PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fans. Its success was nothing short of what was expected from a game that made the battle royale genre popular. There were a number of features added in for better mobile play compatibility, while the game offered its full content and experience to the mobile gaming audience.

Assassins Creed Rebellion

Assassins Creed Rebellion by Ubisoft brought new functionality to mobile device gamers, introducing a smart concept paired with great game mechanics, good sound, and attractive animations. The game itself didn’t rank as great as we feel it should have on some big sites that are in the game of review/critics, but nevertheless, the game has some positive, some mixed, and virtually no negative remarks.

SEGA Heroes was ported to as many platforms as SEGA could manage, as this year was filled with old school games from them and Nintendo. Naturally, Nintendo is much better off in terms of the general business, but SEGA remains ever present, and this title kind of tied the whole retro feeling in a game that brings many of the old titles back to life. It also features an entirely new gameplay mechanic, pairing puzzle, RPG, and turn-based strategy genres. It has a very positive score of 4.5 in the App Store.

Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is the somewhat the successor of Slayaway Camp, and it brings the isometric puzzle genre to our hands with a fun idea. It includes a fun crossover between a movie and the game, with us controlling Jason Vorhees and thinking up the best ways for him to kill. The game has an incredible 4.9-star rating at the moment, out of 10 thousand votes.

ALTO’S ODYSSEY was a long-awaited title and its excellent appearance, great gameplay, and the mesmeric atmosphere was well worth the wait. The core gameplay is simple, but this title naturally brought many new features, besides just delightful appearance. It was well received, with 4.6 stars on the App Store, and making it in the top 5 2018 on most lists all over the web.


Oddmar represents apparently the culmination of Viking games recently seen on the market, for both iOS and Android. This game looks great and has quite simple controls, really making your mobile device playing easy. It features beautiful visuals, fun gameplay, and will hook anyone in really fast. It has a 4.8-star score in the App Store.

NBA 2k19 is a continuation of the franchise, with updated teams, players, and some fixed issues. It also brought some new features and generally rules the basketball/sports genre on mobile devices currently. Its App Score is 3.4, with not too many ratings, but its $4.99 price might have something to do with it.

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Honorable mentions

A single list can hardly point out all the games we loved and played in 2018. While these were some mostly demanded by fans, other honorable mentions include Helix Jump. Rise Up,, Love Balls, Snake VS Block, Rules of Survival, Supertype, Darkness Rises, Part-Time UFO, Heads Up, Minecraft, Plague Inc., Pocket Build, and many more.

The insanely powerful devices coming to us for iOS will hardly ever have problems with current games, as 2019 promises us more great titles, some new technical solutions, better controllers, and more. It is unclear as to how will these old-school apps hold on as the iOS gets updated, but since most of them are free it doesn’t make too much difference.