Iron Saga Battle Mecha Review

Iron Saga – Battle Mecha Review

Iron Saga- Battle Mecha is a Chinese mobile RPG that centers on mecha warfare but at first glance, it is obvious they add the anime style presentation to the mix. This somewhat gives the game a different flavor compared to some mecha games seen before and also gives its story and atmosphere a bit more on overall value. The game certainly looks ambitions at first glance and it’s getting positive feedback all over the web, so let’s see what’s it all about.

Iron Saga – Battle Mecha is an English version of a game that came out in several different installments, starting from China and generally in Asia. The game is developed by GameDuchy, and it was initially launched in 2017 and has since expanded to include other language-based markets. It was, of course, updated and tweaked as time went on, and finally, Sentai Inc. studio localized it and released it in Japan in 2018, with a Korean server opening soon after.

With its English version finally out, the game feels quite complete and stable, being developed as a story saga, more than a simple mobile game. And, the reception is very warm to prove it. On Google Play, Iron Saga – Battle Mecha Android has a fantastic 4.8-star score out of over 4k votes, while on the iTunes App Store, where it’s presented by Sentai Inc., its iOS version has 4.1 stars and is #46 in Role Playing.


In a world that was engulfed in a sea of war and flame, warfare is being waged in a sci-fi mecha environment. The mayhem was caused actually by twelve mechas, referred to as “Grand Gods”, but in the game’s current timeline that’s ancient history. Centuries later we step into a world where humanity has learned from its mistakes and forgotten about the destruction and atrocities of war. However, Battle Mechas emerge once again, as a force of shadow and evil rises to try and take hold of the peaceful world. At the center of it all is the world-destroying revolutionary technology which rekindles warfare and ushers this new world into another battle mecha war. ACE pilots are being assembled all over to tame the technology of mechas, which is where we come in.

Iron Saga Battle Mecha


This game offers 500+ mecha versions, all with stats and types, as well as that many pilots. The game boasts to offer more than 100k possible formations for our teams, and as an RPG, this game surely offers a wide variety of gameplay modes. It is a hero collector, or mecha collector in this case, and the teams we assemble comprise our forces.

In the basic mode, combat is being waged from the bird’s eye view, where we run our mecha through a stage filled with enemies, projectiles, enemy fire, and bosses. In this respect, the game has a strategy aspect, where one or more of your mechas are obliterating everything in a real-time strategy environment.

Progression through the game and the story, naturally, yields upgrades and various in-game currencies and resources. You can arm and re-arm your battle mechas and upgrade them as you wish, focusing on certain aspects of the combat.

Iron Saga Battle Mecha

Graphics and appearance

Outside of combat, Iron Saga looks like it came out right out of a modern-day anime, with attractive models, animations, cards, and all. Inside of a battle or a stage, the game’s appearance kind of falters and reverts to basic animations and modeling, which is actually appropriate given the real-time strategic aspect and the hectic action. It is, however, recommended that you have a bit stronger mobile device to be able to enjoy the visuals.

Iron Saga Battle Mecha


Iron Saga – Battle Mechas mobile game proves why it manages to conquer market after market. It is snappy, fun, endlessly repeatable, and it brings giant robot warfare RPG strategy action. ‘Nuff said. The game functions as it is intended, there are no “overreaching” moments. The developers knew exactly what they wanted and how to create it and that’s the general impression we got. The gameplay is simple where it needs to be, diverse where needed too, and there is also an in-depth progression aspect suitable for all gamers’ tastes.

Iron Saga – Battle Mecha



It is snappy, fun, endlessly repeatable, and it brings giant robot warfare RPG strategy action. ‘Nuff said.

User Rating: 3.9 ( 1 votes)