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Is AoV Pay-to-Win, the Hayate/Wiro release

Is Arena of Valor pay-to-win game? This is the question occupying my mind for some time now. In the age of micro-transactions and loot boxes, there are very few developers unrestrained by the publisher’s greed. I believe Arena of Valor is one such game, now let me explain why.
There are a number of things one can buy in AoV, from additional arcana pages to additional guild member spots, skins, champions and so on. However, only a small number of things can be bought exclusively with Vouchers (premium currency). These are Skins, additional Guild slots and Arcana pages after 2nd. None of the things mentioned affect the in-game power, instead, these are cosmetic or quality of life improvements.
At the launch of the game on EU servers, Batman was available for purchase only through Vouchers, while Airi and Maloch ware locked behind what is now known as Lottery (an option under “Shop” category). Today, a situation is somewhat different, instead of champions being locked behind the Lottery, the Xeniel Codex is offering certain champion as an exclusive reward for reaching a certain level in Paid Codex. So far we had Wiro in chapter 4, and Hayate in chapter 5 of Xeniel Codex (click/tap here for our guide to AoV Hayate) According to Twitter user AOVLEAKS the picture he revealed is showing Wiro to be released on 22nd of March 2019 (a guide to Arena of Valor – Wiro).

If this turns out to be true, we are looking at a time window of 6 weeks (a month and a half) between paying and non-paying players acquiring Codex champion. It remains to be seen if Hayate will follow the same pattern.
Back to the question, is Arena of Valor Pay-to-Win? Well, in my opinion, no it is not. Tencent is definitely dancing on the edge, on the one hand, we can see the desire to squeeze every penny out of the game. However, in comparison with other companies/publishers, at least in Arena of Valor players can’t straight up buy power and thus the toxic competition of who-spends-the-most is avoided. I think developers/publishers of Arena are tilting slightly toward greed, but the landscape of Mobile gaming marketplace is so far beyond repair, that Tencent looks fair and balanced.