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Is Racing Game Good For Learning How To Drive?

For anyone who’s a fan of cars, it’s a dream come true to earn a driver’s license just by playing video games. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily the case. Depending on where you live, you do need to file forms, get proper documents, and even get certification from a driving school. However, just because racing games aren’t a requirement to earn a driver’s license doesn’t mean you should stop learning how to drive. Thing is, can racing games really contribute to your learning as a driver?

1. Get familiar with car manufacturers and models for future reference.

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One of the best features of racing games, especially those set in the real world, would be their inclusion of various car brands, manufacturers, and their many models. We’re not just talking about high-end sports cars, but also simpler and more common models as well. This is because racing game franchises often sign deals with car brands and manufacturers to include models of their cars in these games.

Games themselves won’t be able to replicate the way these models move 100-percent. However, having them in-game can help racing game players be more familiar with these models in the real world. That’s why some players tend to recognize some cars that they either acquired in a game, or a car that kept on beating them in a match.

Likewise, these games are extremely great for brand recognition. The more hardcore of racing gamers might be able to notice certain differences amongst car brands in game franchises that developers may have specifically placed. So while certain cars perform in a similar fashion, players that “get used to” a particular manufacturer in a certain game might lean towards those brands in real life.

2. Be more familiar with basic car features, such as transmissions and car controls.

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Racing games often include a lot of commonly-found features in cars today, including transmissions and car controls. A lot of people often know we keep the break and the accelerator pads close together, with the clutch and handbrake on close distance.

However, depending on the kind of driver you are, you also have to pay attention to other car controls. This can be confusing at first. Interestingly, racing gamers may be very familiar with these car features because of how they correspond to button controls in racing games.

In speaking of button controls, racing games can offer a good way of immersing players in how transmissions work as most of these titles offer automatic and manual transmission-based controls for their cars. This means those more comfortable with automatic transmission can let their car do the adjustments for themselves. Meanwhile, those who want to be more familiar with manual transmission can use dedicated gear shift buttons to their liking.

Games also offer different perspectives when driving. You have your standard third-person POV, or even a close-up first-person POV from the “interior” of the car. If you want to see your car doing the stunts yourself, the third-person action camera is for you. Meanwhile, if you want to be in on the action, first-person is for you.

3. Get acquainted with more complex driving maneuvers, strategies.

Aside from basic driving skills, racing games also slowly introduce you to more advanced driving techniques you’ll likely get to learn in driving school. These include parallel parking, driving in reverse, and even drifting.

Likewise, while the physics in some racing games don’t match ours, the introduction of advanced driving skills can help gamers be more familiar with the nature of the maneuvers when they see those in real life, or if they have to do it in driving school. Parallel parking in a certain game might be a gag challenge amongst a group of friends, but it can really help introduce players to the idea of how tricky it can be.

Granted, not all of these maneuvers may be essential for the game itself. Some franchises barely make use of parallel parking, after all. However, giving players the opportunity to be able to attempt these moves can help them be more familiar with how the controls should “feel” if they attempt these in real life.

4. Improve your instincts, critical thinking skills.

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A lot of people find racing games appealing because of the sheer thrill they can provide their players. After all, nothing’s more exciting than being on a crucial final lap against an online rival, or repeating a level for the nth time to defeat that high score.

Most importantly, racing games can help you improve on your critical thinking skills and basic instincts, as you’re constantly being put in situations that test their reflexes. Racing games often include new levels for you to experience, with available shortcuts, multiple roads and pathways, and even challenges to complete.

Having challenges for gamers will constantly test their wits, and forces them to perform their utmost as drivers against all odds. These can be helpful skills to carry over in the real world, as real drivers are required to be constantly aware of their surroundings, and be focused on the road in order to avoid accidents and complications. Even online driving games can be enough to challenge racing gamers by having them pull off stunts or otherwise complicated driving techniques.

5. Prepare you psychologically for the responsibility of driving.

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A lot of people don’t seem to realize it, but a huge part of being a successful driver isn’t always about pulling an A or acing your driving exams. Rather, it’s about being physically and mentally prepared to handle both the privilege and the responsibility of being able to drive a vehicle.

Remember, as a driver, your responsibility isn’t just to ensure you follow traffic regulations. Rather, it included keeping your passengers, pedestrians, and fellow drivers safe as well. Having such a huge responsibility can make learning how to drive a bit overwhelming. However, playing racing games may at least be able to alleviate some of the stress and the pressure on your end.

And most importantly, the many game modes and features present in these games can hopefully teach you that driving cars can offer a wide range of comforts and essential features that can make you and your family have a more enjoyable time.

Driving for Beginners: Racing Games Might Be Inspiring!

Who says learning how to drive has to be strictly within driving lessons? If you’ve had your fair share of racing games, you’ll likely be inspired to work hard and earn money for your dream car. And while luxury vehicles and supercars might not be immediately within our reach, we’ve all had a wonderful time imagining taking these amazing cars out for a spin. So when it’s finally time to learn your driving lessons, you’ll likely be taking what you’ve “done” in racing games as a rough basis for your driving. Of course, you won’t be taking that test car for drag races and drifting sessions. However, with the above taken into consideration, we may be able to say that having a bit of experience with racing games can be a good way to learn driving basics. Who knows – maybe you could even impress your driving teacher!