Is Update 3.1.3 for MSF what we’ve been waiting for?


When we saw the changes in MSF 3.1 update, we all knew that we will not wait long for another new Hero but at the same time we all thought that this new Hero will be implemented in the game without new maintenance or update. We were all wrong and when I noticed that the maintenance has been scheduled, I thought that FoxNext will surprise us with new Ultimus Raid or something even better. Unfortunately, I was wrong again – everything we got is a new Hero and 4 additional missions in Falcon Event Storyline.

However, I cannot say that FoxNext didn’t surprise us because the new Hero is not Agent Coulson who everyone expected, but it is Rescue, a Power Armor Support. In numerous streams and news all over the internet, everyone talked with almost 100% certainty that new Hero will be Agent Coulson who will drastically improve the S.H.I.E.L.D. team and we even had an opportunity to see the prediction of his amazing abilities but in the end, we got another character who was recently introduced in Marvel Cinematic Universe. I will not repeat the sentence “I told you so…” but I must ask all MSF streamers and writers to wait for official announcements before they start to spread false rumors again because MSF community listens to them and use in-game resources accordingly. It is important to say that we will get Agent Coulson eventually, so if anyone saved resources for him those resources will be put in good use one day which means that there is no need for anger.

MSF Rescue Featured

The real problem is that nothing of this would matter if we got a decent, usable Hero who is worth our time and energy, but unfortunately, we didn’t. In my opinion, Rescue is simply not good enough for anything. She is meant to be an addition to the Power Armor team but in reality, you will never prioritize her instead already existing Hero synergies because if you combine her with Power Armor Heroes you will have to forget on some other teams which are better in every way. Worst of all is that her only use is with Power Armor Heroes because she is totally useless in any other combination. Rescue’s main ability is to apply a barrier to her allies. The barrier is separate from Hero’s Health and it needs to be removed before you can actually damage the Hero. Truth to be told this barrier is better than healing because you cannot over-heal with it and it is always fully efficient. This means that Rescue practically applies additional health to all her allies but it is important to mention that her passive ability automatically buffs Power Armor Heroes on the start of the combat and when their health drops below 50%, which means that they receive 3 barriers in combat circle instead just one. Also, she can infuse Power Armor allies with Offense Up with her ultimate which otherwise only clears all negative effects but the problem is that you cannot use her ultimate before the third turn of combat. It is obvious that her only purpose is to be the part of Power Armor team but let’s talk about what she will actually do in Power Armor team. Power Armor team currently looks like this: Iron Man, War Machine, Falcon, and Rescue. This means that we need to combine them with another Hero who will not be used in other teams (i am mainly talking about the Alliance War at the moment) and we have only 2 effective options – Captain America and Vision.

marvel strike force vision

With Captain America, we will have improved Iron Man special and additional ability energy, and with Vision, the whole team will start with Defense Up for 2 turns. Power Armor Heroes in those teams will receive Offense Up in the third turn and they will have 3 barriers during the combat. In other words, they will have additional health equal to 25% of Rescue’s Max health + 7000 Health and that is 32000 additional Health at most, if Rescue is fully upgraded and with 7 Red stars (otherwise is much lesser). This bonus is not as significant as the one provided by Med Bay bonus in the Alliance War. My point is that this is not something you should rely on because we all learned that Mad Bay bonus is not that important and it does not change the battle outcome. I am not saying that Power Armor team with Captain America or Vision is not good, I am just saying that this team is not good enough to replace existing Alliance War teams and that you will lose the Military team and Avenger team if you want to use Rescue as viable Alliance War character. Last time I checked 2 teams with decent Synergy are better than only one team, and the Power Armor Team is definitely not strong enough to be prioritized at the moment. If Rescue’s ultimate could be used in the second turn that would be a totally different story because War Machine ultimate would be then under the effect of Offense Up but according to the skill description, her ultimate cost 6 ability energy which means it can’t be used before the third turn and frankly you don’t need it then because the outcome of battle is already set at that point. I must say that some articles on the internet show that Rescue’s ultimate can be used in the second turn when upgraded to level 7 but that is not true if the skill description is correct (unfortunately I cannot know that before I manually upgrade Rescue’s ultimate to level 7 ). All in all, in my opinion, there is no real need for Rescue at all and she will not have real value unless we got another Power Armor Hero (Hulk in Stark Power Armor would definitely be an interesting addition to our rosters).

marvel strike force hulk

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FoxNext already announced the next update and introduction of new Heroes. According to their official announcement, new Hero will be Colossus, a mutant Protector, who will bring changes to the Arena balance. It will be interesting to see if they’ll make the existing X-Man a strong PVP team and they certainly said exactly that. Until then, good luck and may the RNG be with you!