Tier List Ishar Update and Guide

Ishar Tier List and Guide update

A recent addition to the hero roster, Ishar the Summoner Apprentice, now got its Guide (AoV Ishar guide) released, and the Arena of Valor Tier List got updated. Ishar is a new type of hero that for the first time in this game control a pet.

arena of valor tier list Ishar Update, v2

At the mention of a pet, the immediate response is: how do you control it, and whats his AI like? Luckily for us, Tencent/Timi-studios have done a good job. There are no additional interface options, instead, by cleverly designing skills they merged pet controls into the hero skills. Her first skill (if you hit the enemy hero with it) will send Furball charging ahead, and skill 2 will order the pet to fallback and protect you. AI is very good so with a very few exceptions Furball is acting well, attacking when it needs to, and retreating when you start to fall back.

As for Ishar’s position on Bluemoongame’s Arena of Valor Tier List, after some deliberation and talking to some members of our community, the conclusion is she belong in the Epic (Tier 2) category. Here are the reasons behind this. 

  • Her skill-set is well rounded and well made. Nothing she has is Overpowered, but everything is useful. She can adapt to various situations and can do most things (although, she cannot burst).
  • She cannot burst. While her skill-set is good, unless hero has numbers to back them up, said hero cannot be tier 1 (Legendary). As it stands now, Ishar is useful for harass and control over the enemy, but the lack of burst damage really hurt her. In prolonged team fights, this is not a big deal because she is still useful due to control and steady/consistent damage. However, in situations where you need to pop someone in a matter of seconds (these situations are not rare), Ishar has not much to offer. 

In essence, she is a type of hero that needs a lot of time to harass before the fight, and this is not something many teams can afford.

In well-coordinated teams (premade with good team players), consider Ishar to be Legendary rank on AoV Tier List. However, in teams that require you to carry, consider Ishar only Good.

Ishar’s skills:

Passive (Furball)

Her passive is the ability to summon pet, Furball. whose attributes scale of off Ishar’s Ability Power.

1st skill (Somnial Fungus)

Ishar launch projectile in line that enhances for every two hits. When enhanced it summon the mushroom behind targeted hero (This mushroom explodes after 2.5 seconds, which is a little bit too long if you ask me). The second purpose of this ability is when it hits the enemy hero, it sends Furball charging at them.

2nd skill (Somnial Shield)

It absorbs a certain amount of damage (scales with AP) and increases Ishar’s movement speed. Also, when Furball is alive, it sends him back toward Ishar knocking-up everyone on the way.

The Ultimate (Dreamy Circle)

She places a circle that activates after 0.5 sec trapping all enemies inside for 2.5 seconds.

Ishar is worth checking out especially if you like to have a pet to command. Hope you find the guide and aov tier list informative and useful. Let me know if there is an aspect of hero you like to have covered in our guide in the comments below.