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It is time to make your own MSF Tier List

More than a year passed since the first Beta release of Marvel Strike Force and during that time BlueMoonGame featured all important stuff about the game. After each update, BlueMoonGame tried to make accurate Tier Lists of Marvel Strike Force Heroes with more or less success. Nevertheless, our Tier Lists were helpful to new MSF players and we received positive feedback regarding our hard work and dedication, especially because we always listened to the MSF community and implemented their views and ideas.

MSF Tier List Builder

After the last update, BlueMooonGame decided to make an application which will enable everyone to make their own Tier List. BlueMoonGame Tier List Builder enables you to easily put all existing Heroes to appropriate Tiers and to submit and share your list with the rest of the MSF community via social networks. All heroes can be filtered by their traits and roles which additionally helps you to decide where to put selected Hero. If you don’t want to share your list, it will be saved and you will have access to your choosing whenever you want.  Before submitting the list you will have to enter your nickname and the Tier List will have your name so everyone would know that you made it. We hope that this builder will help everyone who wants to share their thoughts about Marvel Strike Force and who want to have quick access to the value of Marvel Strike Force heroes.

In the next few days, BlueMoongame will release another builder for MSF Best Teams so you will be able to pick and submit your favorite teams as well. BlueMoonGame appreciates all constructive critics and suggestions, and we invite you to share your ideas regarding this amazing game. If there is anything else you would like to know or if there something else we could make to improve your gaming experience, feel free to share your thoughts.

Good luck MSF fans and may the RNG be with you!

Marvel Strike Force Tier List Builder can be found 


Also, the page with the Most Interesting Teams for new f2p Players is updated and ready for your use. If you are a new player and have difficulties to assemble a good team here you can find some interesting and useful information.

Most Interesting Teams for new f2p players can be found