It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia On Android

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Going Mobile

If you watched TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia then you know that the characters there often made fun of addictiveness to online video games. Well, it seems that the show changed its stance on the matter since the TV show is going mobile.  

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a show about five friends who are also owners of an Irish bar in Philadelphia. They are an egocentric bunch trying to navigate through life, work and relationships although because of their attitude they often end up in trouble and uncomfortable situations. The show has 13 seasons and was renewed for 14th as well which only proves it’s highly popular and lucrative for the network. So, it was actually about time that this show does something extra for the fans since the movie is not planned to happen in the near future.

The game, It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile will be a free-to-play Android release available at the end of this year. You can already pre-register for the game at Google Play if you trust that FoxNext Games will do a good and trustworthy job with adapting the TV show to a video game.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Coming to Android

The plot will involve players interacting with Mac, Charlie, Dee, Dennis, and Frank just like they were part of a season of this TV show. Frank comes to Charlie to hide the dirty money for him from feds while the rest of The Gang bickers over laundering schemes. Unfortunately, this is all the description we have at the moment, however, fans of the show may already have an idea what to expect thanks to the note Charlie made.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Charlies Message

If you didn’t decipher this, here is what the note says:

Picture Solution
Charlie needs a friend.

Charlie burns money (in a dumpster) and is sad.

Please stop the fire.

Charlie is inside the phone.

So do!

FoxNext Games already had a considerable success with Simpsons: Tapped Out from 2012, Family Guy and Futurama which were more recent. But they gained their popularity with Marvel Strike Force which is connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and have a huge fan base. The company currently works on Alien and Avatar games which is no surprise since its subsidiary of the 20th Century Fox after all.  

Season 13 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is available on FXX and the exact date of the It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile game is yet to be announced, but we believe it will be available right before Christmas.