It’s official! Matrix 4 is happening!

Matrix 4 rumors were just put to a stop by an official announcement that the movie is happening and, even, better, the first three names from the project were released. Seated back at the helm of the project is Lana Wachowski. And, back in two starring roles are Carrie-Anne Moss, reprising the role of Trinity, and our very own favorite internet personality – Keanu Reeves, reprising the role of Neo.

Isn’t Neo done? If you remember the ending of the third movie from the trilogy, Matrix Revolutions, (Spoiler alert) both the Architect and the Oracle state that the peace between man and machine is only ‘for now’ and that there are still miles to go. Also, our hero, Neo, was already revealed in the second movie, Matrix Reloaded, not to be unique and that there are countless versions of him. So, there is a place for furthering a story no doubt, just looking at it from an audience perspective. However, now that Lana is back on major projects, we can expect nothing except to be amazed.

From what we know so far, only Lana Wachowski is currently tied to the project. Wachowskis took a break from major projects for a couple of years, and are back on the job only recently. The movie titled Jupiter Ascending and Netflix’s Sense8 TV series, both from 2015 and signed by the Wachowskis, are their most recent endeavors. Lana later worked on the second season of Sense8 without Lilly, which is the first time she ever did a major creative undertaking without her sister.

The Matrix 4 production is set to start in 2020, so we might have to wait a bit to see Keanu and Carrie-Anne in action again. It is still unknown if other members of the cast are joining in, mainly Lawrence Fishburn or Hugo Weaving (though his character was kind of done for). Hugo was, of course, heard in the first big project of the Wachowskis after the Matrix Trilogy – V for Vendetta.