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Jack Black Has His Own Gaming YouTube Channel

On December 21, Jack Black (School of Rock) posted a video on YouTube announcing his new YouTube channel – Jablinski Games which is going to be all about gaming. Since then, this video was seen by almost five million people and the channel already has over million and a half subscribers.

In the 29-second video, Black announced that Jablinski Games is going to be “bigger than Ninja” and “bigger than PewDiePie” which is a pretty bold statement to make but we didn’t expect anything less from the actor.

“I am proud to announce the launch of my new channel “Jablinski.” This channel will have games, food, and life,” says Black in the description of this video.

Black even went on to say more about the upcoming channel in his own comedic way we all are used to by now stating that his son made the video and is holding him hostage. Jablinski Games will release a new video every Friday and there is already a new one available where Jack Black is announcing the huge number of subscribers in only a week.

This news doesn’t come as a big surprise since Black has proven time and again to be a really prolific artist with his acting and music career. Black landed his voice for video games like Broken Age (2014) and Brütal Legend (2009), as well as for King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie (2005) since he played one of the main roles in the Peter Jackson’s movie.

What exactly can we expect from Jablinski Games is still not clear, but knowing Black this could be a fun project with his 12-year-old son. Tune in every Friday to check the new video and what the Black family has prepared for us regarding the gaming world. If we can judge by the first video, it seems that Black is very well prepared, at least when it comes to a comfortable and ergonomic chair.