Jam City and Disney Announced Their Partnership

Jam City and Disney Announced a Mobile Game Development Partnership

Great things are bound to happen when extraordinary people or companies join their forces and create something with the combined effort. Imagine what would happen if Picasso had paired paints and brushes with van Gogh, or companies like Microsoft and Apple had overcome their rivalry and developed something together. But what would you say if Jam City and Disney had decided to team up and enter the gaming business together? What would be the outcome? Mobile gaming revolution? A deal of the century? Fireworks of unadulterated creativity? Pure magic? Well, your guess is good as ours. One thing is certain though, there are some interesting times before mobile players because these two renowned companies clearly intend to do wonders together.

Certainly, these two companies don’t require any special introduction, having become household names with those interested in mobile gaming and other creative mediums such as comics, cartoons, and movies. However, in the case that you’ve temporarily lost the use of your faculties out of sheer shock and joy, let’s say it loud and clear: Jam City and Disney are joining forces and have signed up a multi-year games development partnership. Here’s exactly what happened, what you can expect from this corporative merger and what will all that mean for mobile gamers around the globe.

Jam City and Disney

As you well know, a couple of days ago, Jam City, a proud owner of the leader in mobile entertainment title, had announced a long-term collaboration with none other than entertainment industry giant Disney. Here’s what Chris DeWolfe, co-founder, and CEO of Jam City has to say about it: “Jam City is proud to be teaming with Disney. Disney is the world’s leader in beloved characters and brands that have engaged generations of fans for decades. Jam City’s leadership in mobile entertainment based on iconic entertainment IP, makes our company an ideal partner to develop a lineup of new mobile games with Disney’s most popular franchises.”

The very first thing Jam City will do is to take the creative helm over a wonderful match-three mobile game called Disney Emoji Blitz and develop it in the new direction. However, they won’t do it alone – they’ll have the help of the experts who were already engaged on this project. Disney’s Glendale Games Studio will come to their aid, and together they will grow this popular franchise. For those of you who might not know, what sets apart Disney Emoji Blitz from other match-three games is the fact that here you’ll match your favorite characters from all Disney’s proprietary brands and franchises (including not only the characters from Disney’s own cartoons but also from Pixar and Star Wars franchises), but in the form of adorable, mildly stylized emojis. Of course, with so many familiar faces, it goes without the saying that this match-three game also includes an engaging emoji collecting aspect. On Disney’s part, Kyle Laughlin, their Senior Vice President of Games and Interactive Experiences obviously has a full trust in Jam City and their capabilities to elevate their franchise and make it even more successful. Laughlin stated that Disney “can’t wait to see how Jam City and the incredibly talented team behind Disney Emoji Blitz will grow the already successful game and franchise, and how Jam City will bring their global reach and expertise in developing successful, enduring mobile games to the upcoming titles.”

Jam City and Disney Announced a Mobile Game Development Partnership

And, while we undoubtedly can say that Jam City will do justice to Disney and that they’ll create another highly successful match-three masterpiece, this is only the beginning of their fruitful creative collaboration. What, there’s more? You betcha! You see, after they’ve set the tone with Disney Emoji Blitz, Jam City and Disney intend to extend their creative reach. Jam City has acquired rights to use other famous Disney’s brands, so you’ll soon be seeing lots more of your famous Disney characters on your mobile phones. The first game which Jam City will develop from the scratch will be a mobile game based on the Disney’s upcoming animation motion picture Frozen 2. As you can see, there are lots of things to be excited about, and, in the future, we can expect a whole line of fantastic mobile games from this Jam City and Disney mobile gaming development dream team.